Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday... Sometimes its okay to use the F word!

At the beginning of the year I set some pretty lofty goals and one if them is getting healthy and loosing a significant amount of weight!  I originally set up a separate blog but as the weeks got crazy with my 15 month old monkey and 3 month old princess aka miss thang and a daddy about to deploy, I realized keeping up with 2 blogs is impossible so I opted to just work my journey to health and weight loss into my monkeys and tutus blog by using Wednesdays for Weight loss Wednesdays!  So each Wednesday I plan to dedicate specifically to my progress!  Since most of my followers didn't know about my other blog Im starting over with my introduction to my journey! I hope you will follow and enjoy the chronicles of the journey!

I know some view the word ‘fat’ as derogatory, however, it is what it is and sometimes the truth hurts a little and sometimes the truth is what you need to kick you in the pants and provoke change!  That’s what has happened to me! I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and say HOLY CRAP GIRL YOU ARE FAT! And thats not exaggeration!
I have debated on whether or not to include actual weight amounts I still don’t know if I can divulge the secret, so hang in there while I try to describe in every way possible without putting actual weights.  Its not hard to figure out when you see the amount of weight I need to loose but for right now I am still keeping the actual numbers to myself. (feel free to share your thoughts.. would you put actual amounts if they were hideous? or just keep it generic?)

3 years ago I checked in at my heaviest weight ever and it was only when I got sick and was forced to make changes that I was able to!  In the summer of 08 I was diagnosed with Cronhs Disease and through that went on a very strict diet consisting of only Fruits, Veggies & Meats… No Dairy, No Sweets etc…  Mostly through Cronhs I had a high intolerance of Dairy and just about everything has dairy somewhere so I gave up most things with an occasional cheat that would cause me to become sick again!  Throughout that strict dieting process I lost 75 lbs in about 4-5 months! It was glorious! I was running, eating healthy and I felt AMAZING!  Well of course life happened and after my Cronhs was under control I started cheating a little here a lot there and eventually gained 20 lbs back.  Then I found out I was pregnant!  Throughout my 1st pregnancy I had absolutely NO Cronhs symptoms and began an eating frenzy.  My hormones were out of control and my husband was away in military training and I was depressed and ate and ate and ate some more!  Through the course of my 1st pregnancy I gained somewhere between 50-60 lbs! After giving birth to my 1st baby in November 09 I lost 20 lbs pretty easily then in March of 10 I found out I was pregnant again! During my 2nd pregnancy I gained 30 lbs and lost it all within 2 weeks of giving birth!  In January I did loose 10 lbs however February hasnt been so good! I havent lost any so Im going to have to kick it back up! Here I sit about 30 lbs less than where I started 3 years ago. 

2011 is the year to get rid of all the extra weight and get back to being healthy!   I want to be healthy for me, my hubs and my kids but I also want to be sexy hot when he comes back from the rock garden!  He doesn’t need to come home to fatty!  Of course he loves me either way and actually gets mad when i say im fat but sorry babe thats the truth!  However by the time he comes home I plan to never be able to say that again! 

Weight Loss Wednesdays are going to be my diary filled with the ups and downs, what im eating, how im exercising and all that goes along with this journey to health!!!  Hope you tune in and see the change that happens over the next year! 
Stay tuned!!!  Next week I will include some pics!  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first Blog Award!

I received my first blogging award from Natasha! Thanks girl!!!

Here is how it works:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know about the award.

So, here are 7 things about me:
1. I am madly, deeply, crazy in love with a sexy soldier!
2. When I was growing up I wanted to become an auto mechanic.
3. I would love to become a hair stylist on the side.
4. I absolutely hate to read books but could read blogs all day!
5. I have over 100 pairs of shoes
6. I collect Barbies!
7. I would love to live in Africa and do missions work with my family!

I am passing my award to:

Jaime Lynn
Expat Girl

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winds of Change

Looking back on January I have to say I am pleased on how it went! I did reach some of my short term goals!

I lost 10 pounds!

I opened my Etsy Store!

I started the process to work in Childrens Ministry at Church and plan to start in March!

I contacted the leader of the Play Date Life Group I want to join and plan on starting to attend in the next few weeks!

I have been researching local businesses so I can open a booth or 2 and I have been coming up with new ideas and making lots of headbands to build up my stock for Canton!

Still a long way to go but that's a pretty good start to the year if I do say so myself! Haha!

February is going to be BUSY! This week we are going to be busy packing! Next week we move! (looks like we will be moving in the snow) Then next weekend my hubs and I get to go to the Thriving Marriage Retreat for Deploying Soldiers and the hubs deployment training is soon to start! I can't believe how fast time is going. This month is full of change, I wish it could last forever but I know that cant happen and I am just going to do what I can do cherish every single moment!

My lil Monkey is getting bigger every day and doing more, saying more, learning more! I love to watch him grow! He is in the Kisses and Hugs stage! He is constantly giving us hugs and kisses (No lip kisses though… I believe lip kisses should be reserved for your spouse not ur kids-It really does totally grouse me out when I see parents kissing their kids on the lips especially when it follows them into adult hood but that's a whole separate subject haha) I love how sweet and cuddly he has become! Every time Cloee fusses he goes over to her and kisses her feet or her head or her hands! Soo cute! And he says Mwahh when he kisses!

Miss Thang is getting a little more independent every day, Thank God! She has been sleeping more on her own and most nights she is sleeping for an entire 5 straight hours then another 3-4 hours! Yay Cloee! Monkey wants sooo badly to play with her, he is always giving her toys and trying to play catch and peek a boo with her! This time next year is going to be sooo much fun.

(let me make this disclaimer: My opinions are just that, mine.  You may agree you may agree or disagree.  I enjoy a good debate but I want everyone to know if you do something with your family that I disagree with, thats cool! Im  not ragging on you, I'm simply saying that its not for us.  To each his own.  My blog is a way for me to post my thoughts, my opinions, my dreams, my desires, my troubles, my challenges, my victories, brag on my kids, rag on my kids etc.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowmageddon, Snownado, Snowpocalypse, Snowtastrophe and Snowcecream!

Well you would think it's the end of the world if you listen to the weather men in Oklahoma sometimes. I love them though, they provide sheer entertainment sometimes! Much to my surprise they were actually right and Tuesday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! When Cloee woke up at 2 to eat I actually said the nerd words "Holy snow balls batman they were right it is snowmageddon!' Our car has barricaded behind 3-4 ft snow drifts on each side and this is the view looking outside my back door!

I have to admit I love being snowed in with my hubs! Every minute we get to spend together before he deploys is so precious and no matter if were cleaning, packing, playing video games or whatever, every single second is extremely valuable! Tuesday we made Snowcecream! (snow ice cream) I thought it was pretty good but the hubs said it just tasted like sugar snow he was expecting it to taste like Braums or something! We did good and got tons of packing done however Wednesday we were nothing but lazy! We played video games, made fried zucchini and squash and some yummy veggie stew! Around 4 the hubs got word that his work was going to be open today so he bundled up and dug out the car and he attempted to drive to the grocery store that is half a mile away and not much to my surprise he got stuck and had to walk home to get the shovel! Luckily my Facebook cry for help was answered and he was rescued! 

Though I'm loving being home with the hubs for a few days it's been a little rough going where the kids are concerned! Tuesday during the day Benjamin had some Gerber Yogurt and around Midnight he started throwing up. I know it could have been anything but in the last 3 -4 months he has gotten sick 3 times and each time it was after eating Gerber Yogurt! UGH! He threw up several times through the night and through the day and last night woke with a fever of 101.7! He had a long miserable night but this morning seems to be doing better. His fever is almost back to normal and hes keeping his drinks down! He finally had a little bit of chicken noodle soup and loved it and so far has kept it down! Hopefully he keeps getting better and better!

Cloee has been pretty good for the most part! Last night she slept in her bed all night without a single fuss! Not straight through the night she did wake up for 2 feedings but she went 4 hours then 2 ½ then 5! I am so looking forward to the day when she sleeps a solid 8 hours! She is now 10 weeks old and her smiles and coos are adorable! Her brother loves her to pieces and just wants to play with her!

Today we are enjoying another snow day because there is no way after getting stuck with in a half mile of home that he's gonna drive all the way to work! For breakfast I made some awesome potato cakes and then for an afternoon snack I made some chocolate covered bananas! MMMM Most of today has been spent playing sonic the hedgehog 2 on our wii! My hubs was convinced he was going to beat the game and he got sooo close (with my help of course) but no luck this time! Now its time to get some cleaning on and pray that the snow expected next week holds off or is light because we absolutely have to move next week!

Hopefully the hubs can get to work tomorrow! If not… well another day of fun it will be! I will take it if I can have it for sure!!! I have enjoyed Snomageddon but please old man winter be easy on us next week!!!!