Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monday Mail Goodies!

Last Monday was kind of a crazy day with my 3 toddlers, one of those days where you want to hide in your room and pull the covers over your head Mondays!  I drug my self out to the mailbox, for a few moments of peace and I was so excited to see a package from my sweet blogging friend Megan!  She has this super cute little shop called Bishop Place Handmade! This lil zippy pouch is sooo cute and perfect for my make up!  I am adoring it!!!  you totally need to check out her shop because she has tons of cute stuff!!! Thanks Megan! You are amazing!!!1

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The first of many

Friday my heart was filled to the max as I watched my super amazing husband take our baby girl on their first daddy daughter date!  They even had coordinating outfits! ha! We learned a few lessons in this first outing. First 2 1/2 year olds are not ready for 3d movies and 2nd never trust what google lists as movie times hahah... anyways even though their date wasn't the most perfect they still had fun and looked fab!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Choosing my battles

Since we moved to the middle of  nowhere I am learning to pick my battles.  This new town mostly sucks.  The only parks are along a creek which is totally not toddler friendly!  If we want to go to a semi decent part we have to drive to the next town over which is about 20 mins!  We go to walmart just about every day because there is nothing else to do here.  We have a big wonderful backyard that is plagued with chiggers and anytime we attempt to go out there we all get eaten alive!  Jax is highly allergic to them and swells up huge with each bite.  So needless to say we dont play outside much.  We have sprayed and weve had it professionally sprayed but it doesnt help.  

I used to be the mom that would not let my kids go out in public in anything but the cutest matching outfits. I would see people at the store or even at church in costumes or PJs and shake my head...  My kids all the sudden have gone from wanting to be mostly naked all day to wanting to wear PJs all the time!  Im learning to just let go and that it really isnt worth the melt down or the 2 hour fit over wanting to keep their jams on!  Afterall we are in the middle of no where and no one knows us anyway.. right?  hahaha!  

This is my lil stinkers at a restaurant! Lol Woody PJs and Minnie Slippers!

 At Walmart in Minnie Slippers and then in a Princess Dress with minnie slippers and of course the infamous Woody Pjs

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