Friday, August 8, 2014

Finding Joy in the messy moments of motherhood!

Weight loss is a huge part of my life and this blog, but lets face it... I have 3 kids ages 2-4 and so my life is more about motherhood than anything else! We have some crazy redonk moments that I love to share because lets face it, we need a laugh now and then and 99% of moms prob relate to what I'm about to share!

Jax is 2.5 and he is not potty trained yet, he sometimes uses the potty and sometimes doesn't!  I get grief all the time because I haven't potty trained him yet, Benjamin and Cloee were potty trained by this age etc.. well he's my baby and he's just not totally there yet and I'm okay with pull ups for now!

Today he had some successes but he also dunked his hair in the toilet after he peed in it, he dipped undies in the pee pee water, he dipped a pull up in pee pee water and carried it all the way down the hall and to the kitchen where I was! Need I go on? ha

Benjamin saying "Jax lets play a game called who can smell my stinky boot the longest" 

Yesterday while attempting to blog he comes in and says MOMMY I POOOPED! I got up to get a new pull up and find the wipes and turned around to hear the 3 words that no mom wants to hear... 


His finger was covered in poop! I don't know if he actually attempted to eat it or now but ewww sick!  I quickly cleaned him up, washed his hands, got on a new pull up and of course did what I normally do when life gives me these moments... I post it on Facebook!  

Yeah probably over sharing for the FB setting but ....

In case you haven't figured out by now... motherhood is messy! Its beautiful and chaotic and some days a little awful but always beautiful!. 
I choose to find humor in the moments where my kid eats poop or pees on the floor, yet again, or eats a rollie pollie or even the ones where the biggest innocently whacks his siblings on the head with a toy hammer... Real people have those days, you know those kind of days where everything goes wrong, everyone is fighting, the kids are crying for no reason, those days you are praying that you last till bed time...

Benjamin picked out everyones outfits and said its red ninja day!

Motherhood isn't always a beautiful photo-shopped image of perfect children sitting politely and saying yes mam on que but it often is a HUGE pile of laundry taking over your living room or the mountain of dishes piled in the sink, or tripping over toys to get down the hall and pizza and cheetos for dinner, again! While not everyone can appreciate a good poop story, I find joy in 'over sharing' the craziness of this beautiful life that God gave me!

Choose to find joy in the moments that God gives you! The beautiful ones and the ugly ones, the ones where life gives you roses and especially in the ones where your kid has a massive blow out in the middle of a restaurant! Choose not to try to create unneeded drama instead just laugh off the moments you deem as inappropriate and know that in following me or being my 'friend' my disclosure is I am the Queen of Over sharing and I am totally okay with that!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to lose 10 lbs in 10 minutes!


-I have been on a blogging hiatus for the simple fact that I have felt like a failure - weight loss is hard!

-It is continual falling down and often forgetting to get back up again! 

-It's been trying extreme things with great intentions and passion, going strong for 3 days then going on a huge binge to make up for the 3 days of torture!

-In the past 2 years I have done more gaining than losing! 

-I am tired of being tired, sick, unhealthy and fat! 

At the end of May I had a huge health scare and had some grandiose thoughts of needing change and in turn all I really did was give up soda.  When I went back to the doc in July I had gained 8 lbs! WHAT! What it really comes down to is I don't think I eat that much but the truth of it is the things I was eating were huge in calories!  I gave up soda and in turn took up sweet tea!  When I saw that dreaded number on the scale in July I kinda freaked out!  It was as much as I weighed when I went into the hospital to have Jaxsen!  How is it possible that I weigh as much as I did when I was 9 months preggo with a huge baby?! EEEEEK!  Well I can tell you how - a few healthy eating days followed by pizza, ice cream, chips & fast food!  I'd buy great groceries with great intentions and after a long day of my 3 littles being kinda crazy I didn't 'feel' like cooking so we'd order pizza! Chinese! Taco Bell! 

Feeling defeated, hopeless and utterly depressed by the fact that originally I wanted to lose around 100 lbs and now in reality I needed to lose more like 125!! 

Then I read this quote...

I often let myself get derailed by things I can't control. But when I read this quote something clicked in me... It has nothing to do with anyone else! My journey is mine and it really is about me and keeping promises to myself!  I have this quote everywhere and in my heart and when I am tempted to just go awol again I really just focus on this quote and the fact that I truly can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Have I slipped up? YES! In fact I ate a few cheese puffs this morning! But the difference is I ate 3 instead of the entire bag, I didn't try to hide it and keep it a secret, I actually added to my fitness pal (where my diary is open) bensgirl322 if you want to follow along! 

It's been almost 2 weeks of being back at it and there have been a few moments I regret but overall I am staying within my calorie goals and I am moving more every day and I am down 10 lbs!  Right now my goal is to at least walk 2 miles a day and most days I have succeeded! Two miles may not seem like much but when you are HUGE and out of shape 2 miles is a stretch!  I may only be walking 3mph right now but I AM lapping everyone sitting on the couch! There have been many days that I have gotten my miles in by walking laps around my back yard while the kids play! It takes aprox 50 laps to make a mile but I am kinda in the NO EXCUSES point of this journey.  What matters is trying again and again and again and for the first time in a long time keeping promises to myself. 

The journey is long and hard and continual!  It happens 1 day at a time, 1 choice at a time and 1 step in the right direction....