Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tutu dresses, wedding drama and love

Yesterday my BFF got married! I can't tell you how proud I am of her! They set out to stay virgins till their wedding day and they did it! I do not know of anyone else that actually has done it! I'm sure there are some but I am just amazed! She is such a testament to the girls that she leads! Soo proud!

The wedding was eventful! I was so excited when she asked if Benjamin would be her ring bearer! I was also nervous! He just turned 3 and doesn't always listen so well! He did not do good during rehearsal but I was hoping it has to do with the fact that it was after bed time!
Well the wedding started and he ventured down the isle with the flower girls and the moment he saw me on stage he took off running saying mommy mommy! Then cloee saw him and took off to the stage saying hi benji!!! Lol my mom got cloee and then Benjamin decided he wanted Mimi and went to sit down with her!
After the vows began Benjamin ran back on stage, threw his pillow at me and said I don't want it anymore! Lol! After that my mom took the kids to a play room for the rest of the wedding! Lol

The flower girl dresses were tutu dresses that turned out great! I have been so busy that they didn't get made till 2 nights before the wedding! Eek! Thankfully it all worked out!

Hopefully after Christmas life will slow back down a little and I can get back into blogging on a regular basis! With a new job, the wedding and Christmas it's been crazy!!!

Oh and by the way... My dress did not fit and luckily my wonderful neighbor was able to work some magic! She literally has to cut the sides open and sew in a 2 inch strip on each side! Ugh! I ordered it a size to small which was obviously a bad bad bad decision!!

Here's some pics! Thank you guys for being so awesome! I am seriously missing all my blogging loves! Ready to get back into things!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday pics

So Monday used to be my favorite day because the hubs and I were both off on Tuesdays but now I work all day on Tuesdays! So Monday is just Monday again!
Life is still crazy busy and I'm still trying to get into a good routine. Finding time to blog has been hard. I have so many post thoughts in my head but hard finding time to sit down and get them written.

Thought I would share some silly pics of my crazy 3 under 3!
Right now they are all into the rocking horse, eating pickles, eating ice and terrorizing the Christmas tree!

Benjamin, our oldest, is all about prayers right now and it's so sweet! Last night he said thank you Jesus for my church and for my fwodee (cloee) being in my class now! Then he ended with merry Christmas Jesus amen hahha
Love my sweet babies!

I promise to try to have some more solid posts this week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

24 day challenge update

I started my challenge last Monday and by Thursday was feeling amazing! Then Friday came and chaos took over and I had an awful day... I slipped up, was bad and felt horrible... Saturday was even worse and after Saturday I realized I just wanted to start over! 
It's amazing the difference I felt in my body! I realized several things about the things I normally eat and drink! 
I love diet dr pepper! It is very addicting and very tasty! But it makes me tired, it makes me crave carbs and it makes me sluggish! 
I started the 24 day challenge over and am down 5 lbs! 
Here are the details of the challenge incase you missed it! 

The challenge isn't too hard it's just about determination and commitment.  For me I let stress overtake me for a few days and had a big set back which was totally unnecessary but the night and day difference was a huge eye opener! 

In the challenge there is this yummy drink called 'spark' not only is it extremely yummy but it make me feel great! It's a nice alternative to soda! It's full of vitamins and energy! I know I will be drinking this from now on! 

I also learned a lot about drinking water! The other day while watching The Drs the were talking about reasons you may be tired and one was not enough water! The days I drank enough water I felt so much better than the days where it's 4pm and I'm exhausted and realize I haven't had 1 sip of water all day! 

I have to say a special thanks to Brittany at the Denny Buzz! Even though I got off to a bad start I am beyond excited that she blessed me with this eye opening experience! This is just the beginning of a serious life change! 
Looking forward to sharing more with you in just a few days!!! 

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Black and white bridal shower

This past weekend we had a bridal shower for my best friend and it turned out beautiful!
One of my friends made the beautiful wedding dress cupcakes and I made red velvet cake balls, Oreo balls and choc dipped pretzel rods!
It was a lot of fun and oh so cute!

Here is a link to the tissue paper Pom Poms I made!
They were really easy! I planned to make more but the ceiling was to high! Haha

The red velvet cake balls were beyond delish! I need to do a tutorial but here's the easy version....
Bake red velvet cake... 
While its cooling break it all up with a fork to make it cool faster
Once cooled break up into a bowl and mix in half a container of icing!
I mix mine with my hands then roll into balls and then place in the fridge to set the balls for at least an hour
I usually let mine sit over night then dip them and put back in fridge!
Sooo easy!

Ps... Blogging from my iPad and phone sucks! Still haven't gotten our shattered computer screen fixed!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Becoming a working mom

Well I have been working for several weeks now and I have yet to get into a good routine. I'm only working less than 20 hours outside the home but right now and doing lots from home too. I don't remember the last time I did laundry which is why we are all officially out of underwear (don't worry they are in the wash now! Ha) don't judge you know
you've been there too! My hubs has been doing some here and there but I've just sucked!
Our Christmas tree has been up since thanksgiving but not decorated yet!

Today I am working on my whole weeks worth of posts so I get to share the things I want to and not just get lost in the busyness and forget to post at all!
Here's the plan...
Tuesday health and challenge update
Wednesday bridal shower dl with pom pom puff ball tutorial and the cutest bridal shower cake ever!
Thursday I'm gonna share about my name brand snobbery
Still working on the rest! Thanks so much for reading, following and for supporting! You guys are amazing!

Here's a few fun random pics! :)

Mommy moments

Welcome back for another week of Mommy Moments Monday Blog Hoppin'!  

A sincere thank you to all of you who link up so faithfully every week. I wish I could visit every one of your links, but time just won't allow it:( I hope you are all making some new friends and learning lots of great mothering tips and tricks through this link up! I know I am!

There was a lot of great activity on the links this week, but the most viewed link from last week belongs to Tiffany from Little Gems and her post My Top 10 Items for Newborns. This post actually caught my eye as well and was one of my favorites from last week. 

Tiffany shares the top 10 things she was glad she had for her newborn. A boppy pillow was number one and I hope you will visit her blog to find out what the other nine items are!

 Now let's get this party started!
To link up, just...

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