Monday, November 18, 2013

Meal Plan Monday! - Clean & Paleo style

Its Monday and I found an awesome new meal plan idea!  I think I got it from the wellness mama but i have been researching and listening to so many things I really don't remember.
All of our fav recipes have been written on cute note cards and each week I go through and pull the recipes of the things we want to eat - make a list and place those cards on the fridge - the magnets are perfect because I can take the one for that day and place over the stove and see my recipes easily.  
Each day we can pick what we want and not have an already made list that always throws me.  

I have been doing a lot of research and planning and we are really striving to eat clean/paleo but more importantly than any title we are trying to JERF - Just Eat Real Food. If you don't know my back story, I was diagnosed with Cronhs Disease in 2008.  Its mild but food choices make all the difference.  Before a family it was fairly easy for me to stick to a plan but its harder with kids, stresses etc. When I cut out refined sugars, processed foods and diary before I had no symptoms and went into remission.  This past year has been pretty awful. Up and down on the scale, up and down with healthy and crap and the roller coaster needs to end.  I have been looking for better choices for our kids as well.  We are now off of fruit juice and have 2 kids off of cows milk.  Our 2 year old has been a little difficult to get off but we will get there.  We are eating only grassfed beef and trying to skip the processed food, eat cage free eggs and more organic veggies and fruits and stay away from dairy & gluten.  
Two of my biggest resources have been Underground Wellness and Dr. Axe. We ordered Dr Axe Burst Fit plan and are starting today! Yay

Ok on with the meal plan - 
Each morning we do a Dr Axe Super Food Smoothie - which is basically Keifer or Coconut Milk with Chia Seeds, Berries, Cinnamon and Raw Protein Powder (this is typically breakfast 5 days a week)

Here are our meal choices with links to the recipes
Paleo Coconut Chicken  
Crock Pot Spagetti Squash and Meatballs (I will post recipe when I make it later this week)
Beef & Cabbage Stir Fry 
My Super Yummy No-Tato Cauliflower Soup  (I also made this and added butternut squash and did it in the crock pot and omg it was yummy too)
Pizza with Cauliflower Crust (trying a new way - i will post recipe if it works hahaha)
Chicken Fajitas with Paleo Tortillas   These tortillas supposedly freeze well so i am gonna attempt to make quite a few and freeze some to have on hand!
Primal Biscuits and Gravy with homemade turkey sausage

Sides are just veggies lots of veggies!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Absolute Best No-Tato Soup Ever! Clean and Paleo friendly

Tonight I made the absolute best - lick the bowl- fantastic 'no-tato' soup ever and I wanted to share it with you!  It really tasted just like potato soup but oh so much better for you!  This recipe is also Clean and Paleo!  Jerf!!!!  

2 bags of frozen cauliflower (or 2 heads) 
1 sweet onion chopped
1 package of baby portabellos
2 cans of coconut milk (you need the kind that when you turn it up size down in the store it sounds thick and not sloshy, this way you can use the water at 1 end for one thing and the thick milk part for another)  We use a taste of Thai -unsweetened first pressing - DONT SHAKE IT UP  
Italian seasoning
Coconut oil 
Turkey Bacon & Chives to top
Food processor
And pot for cooking 

-Steam cauliflower until soft then 'rice' by running through food processor - I generally add a little bit of coconut oil to the steamed cauliflower, I find it makes it easier to rice
-While cauliflower is steaming I put some coconut oil in a pan and add diced onions and mushrooms and all spices and saute then sit aside in pot for soup (i also generally do the onions for several mins before adding the mushrooms)
-open the coconut milk  from the bottom of the can (very important) pour all the water from the bottom of the can into a blender (it seems like quite a bit but you will need it)
-Spoon out the thick part of the coconut milk into the onions and mushrooms and mix together on low heat 
Once the cauliflower is riced through the food processor dump into the blender with the coconut water
(I do 1 cauliflower and 1 can of coconut milk at a time)
Blend, stirring several times, until its all  mushy & runny mashed potato looking - then dump into the pot with the mushrooms and onions and coconut oil and mix and heat

Top with Chives and Bacon - Seriously I cant even  begin to tell you how yummy this was! I seriously wanted to lick the bowl! hahah! and it tasted just like potato soup but even better!
Hope you love it! 

My pics arent the best but they will work! ha

onions sauteing - forgot to take pic of it with mushrooms - i generally do onions for a few mins first

Coconut Milk 'water' from bottom of can

The thick part of the milk mixed into sauteed onions
Cauliflower Riced in food processor (I do a little bit at a time bc i have a tiny processor)

Mushed up in blender with coconut milk 'water'

Mixing it all together

Amazing Finished 'No-Tato' soup

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