Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday pics

So Monday used to be my favorite day because the hubs and I were both off on Tuesdays but now I work all day on Tuesdays! So Monday is just Monday again!
Life is still crazy busy and I'm still trying to get into a good routine. Finding time to blog has been hard. I have so many post thoughts in my head but hard finding time to sit down and get them written.

Thought I would share some silly pics of my crazy 3 under 3!
Right now they are all into the rocking horse, eating pickles, eating ice and terrorizing the Christmas tree!

Benjamin, our oldest, is all about prayers right now and it's so sweet! Last night he said thank you Jesus for my church and for my fwodee (cloee) being in my class now! Then he ended with merry Christmas Jesus amen hahha
Love my sweet babies!

I promise to try to have some more solid posts this week!


  1. Isn't it funny that kids love to run around naked all the time!
    Reagan is addicted to wearing anyone else's shoes but her own.
    Cute photos :)


  2. Hehe your crazy kids are crazy cute! Love the car photo lol!

  3. The three of them are so adorable! Very cute pics!

  4. Hi, I just passing by, got your link from Yours Trully
    Haha the pictures are funny....Cute kids, they are adorable.. :)

  5. Looks like you have a great space here. Stopping by from Yours Truly.


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