Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its a.......!!!!!!

As most of you know my hubs decided since he will be gone throughout the entire pregnancy he didn’t want to know the sex of our baby and wanted to be surprised when it came.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be surprised or not but decided that my mom could go with me and find out so she could buy things along the way! Well last month my mom and I both found out and I have been dying to tell! There were only 2 people other than my mom that knew and this past week when I was at my monthly OB appt she decided to do a repeat Ultrasound since the last time they couldn’t see everything as clearly as she would like.  I was very excited to see our baby again! While talking to my hubs he said that he didn’t want to be surprised any longer and wanted to know.  I told him and he was surprised because he thought the opposite.  We decided not to tell anyone else (except a select few) till after our ultrasound the next day. 

Here are our fun lil ultrasound pics! I am not posting the pic of the ‘anatomy’ this time because, well, it’s a little explicit haha!  The ultrasound lady said were we able to tell last time and I told her and she said HOLY COW! That’s a BOY for sure!!!
Big foot like daddy already!

he has his tongue out!

His name is Jaxsen Neal and he will be here at the beginning of November!  If we get to keep the date we want it will be 10 days before Brothers 2nd bday and 20 days before Sisters 1st bday!  I wanted a boy just so our princess could continue to be the only princess! At least being the middle child she will at least have the advantage of being the only girl!!!  I think the hubs was a little disappointed he thought for sure it was a girl but I knew, even before the ultrasounds that it was gonna be a boy!!!
Very very excited!!!


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