Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a lil history...

A lil history...
Ben and I started dating on November 28, 2008. We had known each other from church for a year or so before but never really hung out or anything before that. I knew his dad from working with him in children's church and through that developed a relationship with the family. When I was in the hospital for over a week in November of 08 with a serious Cronhs flare up we began texting and things just went on from there!
We were engaged on March 8th, 2009! Found out we were pregnant on March 17, 2009, got married on March 22nd, 2009 and then Ben left for basic training on April 1st, 2009 and didn't return until October about 3 weeks before Benjamin was born!
Pregnancy with Benjamin was hard! It was unexpected and everything happened so fast and there I was, married, husband gone for 7 months and pregnant!
Its probably a good thing i didn't have a blog then bc it would have been one big ole pity party! Haha! During that 7 months apart we got to see each other 3 times! I was soooooo glad when he finally got to come home!
Benjamin was due November 20th and for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy I was on bed rest for high blood pressure! Went in for a check up and a non stress test on Thursday November 12th and they wouldn't let us go home! Decided blood pressure was dangerously too high and they said I would spend the night in the hospital and be induced in the morning!
I had problems the entire pregnancy, was in the ER 3x in the first trimester and constant sickness, low platelet counts and was in a high risk pregnancy bc i had been diagnosed with Cronhs Disease just a few short months before Ben and I got together. Luckily pregnancy put Cronhs in remission and I haven't had 1 symptom since getting pregnant with Benjamin!!!!
We were not ready to have him and he wasn't ready to come out... But after long hours of inducing, labor and never being dilated beyond a 5 they did a c section and he was born on Friday, November 13th at 4:19pm, weighing only 5 lbs and 14 oz! He was sooo beautiful!
Motherhood had begun! We were so scared but really everything did come naturally just like they said!
I never knew being a mommy would be soooo amazing!!! I can't believe how much love you can have for such a lil baby! Every day for these past 8 1/2 months have been a constant realization of how much more I love this kid every day!
Challenging yes but oh so worth it!
On our 1 year anniversary, Benjamin was 4 months old, we found out we were expecting baby # 2! Excited, scared but so excited to be growing our family. Everyone says man havent you two figured out what causes that yet? My answer to that is yes! Obviously we have and we do it rather well! haha! Gotta have some kind of humorous answer to the constant ridicule you get! haha
This pregnancy has been totally different! With Benjamin I threw up every day and had constant problems! With this one, luckily, we have had no problems, haven't hardly been sick at all, just nauseous and sooo tired!
Have had 2 ultra sounds and they couldnt tell if its going to be a girl or a boy but hopefully we can find out Friday!
If its a girl her name with be Chloee Elaine and if its a boy Axton Tate!
We will see!!!!
That was just some background on where I'm coming from! Hope you enjoyed the journey through the last year and a half of my life! More to come....

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