Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Amazing Week!

I feel so left out of everything after our break in!  Its crazy how much you rely on your computer and when its gone you feel so lost!  I'm at my moms so I figured I would take this opportunity to do a lil blog about such an amazing week!

First, I am offically now a stay at home mom again!  My husband is so stinking amazing! Knowing I wouldnt have been able to work for that much longer anyway he went ahead and found another job so I could quit and enjoy my last few weeks of being a mommie of 1 and get some good alone with with my lil monkey!   Now my amazing husband is working 7 days a week! I know its only temporary but still he is such a hard worker and such an amazing provider for our family!  I love that he is willing to do whatever it takes to take care of us! He truly is such an amazing man and I am so beyond blessed to have him!  So now he has a Full time week day job, 1 weekend a month drill and the other 3 weekends a month doing the contractor school! Working like a crazy man till he deploys next year! Luckily he is home every evening and we get to spend lots of time with him before he goes!  Its so hard to believe that he will be leaving in 6 months for a year! Ugh but I know all things will work out!

On to part two.. Not only is my husband the most awesome hardworking provider for our family he also made a decision a few weeks ago that has brought nothing but blessings! He has always been a faithful tither.. Me not so much... Its always been yes i want to but to me if it came down to tithing or eating, paying bills etc im gonna eat and pay my bills first.. lol anyways he finally got fed up and said were gonna do it, were gonna be faithful and thats that.. .And in just making that decision and sticking to it and putting God first in our finances everything seems to turn around! He got this great job opportuinity which got us the extra money we needed that allowed me to quit and stay home for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, I am also getting to make some extra needed money by watching a friends little boys a few days a week and just found out the Insurance benefit side of his deployment kicks in starting in October which also saves us $200 per month! Our budget finally makes sense, we put God first and everything else just worked out like it should! God is good and my husband is awesome for being obedient and again taking care of our family and using Godly Wisdom!

I am so humbled to know that God has given me such an amazing husband and friend!  Ben is an incredible dad and I seriously do absolutely love him more every day! I am going to take every opportunity over these next 6 months and take advantage of every bit of time I can have with him! My heart breaks knowing he will be away for so long but I am more than proud knowing he will be doing such amazing things to protect our freedom!   I can't thank him enough for making this huge sacrafice for us its beyond what I ever expected and beyond what alot of men would do! I totally adore him in every way and really cant brag on him enough!

I love you Ben Sanders with all my heart and thank you with all that I am for all you are doing for our family!  You are an amazing husband, father, friend and so much more! I can never thank you enough and never fully descirbe just how very much I love and adore you!  <3

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