Thursday, January 6, 2011

Packing again

Ever since we found out the hubs was going to be deployed we have been trying to decide if we wanted to move to a new house or stay put.  The house we live in now has some great benefits but also some huge sucky aspects!  Our master bedroom is stinking HUGE! And we aren’t ever gonna find one this big again in an affordable house but we have NO closet space and in the summer sucky window units that can’t keep it cool, so we decided to go on the hunt for a new house!  For a few months I have really been believing that the perfect house for the perfect price in the perfect location would come available at just the right time!

Well we found a perfect little place for a perfect little price and its right around the block from my mom!  Living close to my mom while the hubs is deployed is going to be a huge help! Not to mention our monkey simply adores his papa and they are best buds and this will make it that much easier for them to hang out!!!
The house has a few ugly side effects and it’s a little smaller than I’m used to but I figure it’s more likely going to be just for a year.  When the hubs gets back from Afghanistan heaven knows where we will be stationed.

So now the packing begins and as I start the process I realize I have done this way to many times in my life!  In the last 10 years I have moved 14 times! HOLY COW!  I guess I was just getting prepared for my life as a military wife!  

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