Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday... Sometimes its okay to use the F word!

At the beginning of the year I set some pretty lofty goals and one if them is getting healthy and loosing a significant amount of weight!  I originally set up a separate blog but as the weeks got crazy with my 15 month old monkey and 3 month old princess aka miss thang and a daddy about to deploy, I realized keeping up with 2 blogs is impossible so I opted to just work my journey to health and weight loss into my monkeys and tutus blog by using Wednesdays for Weight loss Wednesdays!  So each Wednesday I plan to dedicate specifically to my progress!  Since most of my followers didn't know about my other blog Im starting over with my introduction to my journey! I hope you will follow and enjoy the chronicles of the journey!

I know some view the word ‘fat’ as derogatory, however, it is what it is and sometimes the truth hurts a little and sometimes the truth is what you need to kick you in the pants and provoke change!  That’s what has happened to me! I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and say HOLY CRAP GIRL YOU ARE FAT! And thats not exaggeration!
I have debated on whether or not to include actual weight amounts I still don’t know if I can divulge the secret, so hang in there while I try to describe in every way possible without putting actual weights.  Its not hard to figure out when you see the amount of weight I need to loose but for right now I am still keeping the actual numbers to myself. (feel free to share your thoughts.. would you put actual amounts if they were hideous? or just keep it generic?)

3 years ago I checked in at my heaviest weight ever and it was only when I got sick and was forced to make changes that I was able to!  In the summer of 08 I was diagnosed with Cronhs Disease and through that went on a very strict diet consisting of only Fruits, Veggies & Meats… No Dairy, No Sweets etc…  Mostly through Cronhs I had a high intolerance of Dairy and just about everything has dairy somewhere so I gave up most things with an occasional cheat that would cause me to become sick again!  Throughout that strict dieting process I lost 75 lbs in about 4-5 months! It was glorious! I was running, eating healthy and I felt AMAZING!  Well of course life happened and after my Cronhs was under control I started cheating a little here a lot there and eventually gained 20 lbs back.  Then I found out I was pregnant!  Throughout my 1st pregnancy I had absolutely NO Cronhs symptoms and began an eating frenzy.  My hormones were out of control and my husband was away in military training and I was depressed and ate and ate and ate some more!  Through the course of my 1st pregnancy I gained somewhere between 50-60 lbs! After giving birth to my 1st baby in November 09 I lost 20 lbs pretty easily then in March of 10 I found out I was pregnant again! During my 2nd pregnancy I gained 30 lbs and lost it all within 2 weeks of giving birth!  In January I did loose 10 lbs however February hasnt been so good! I havent lost any so Im going to have to kick it back up! Here I sit about 30 lbs less than where I started 3 years ago. 

2011 is the year to get rid of all the extra weight and get back to being healthy!   I want to be healthy for me, my hubs and my kids but I also want to be sexy hot when he comes back from the rock garden!  He doesn’t need to come home to fatty!  Of course he loves me either way and actually gets mad when i say im fat but sorry babe thats the truth!  However by the time he comes home I plan to never be able to say that again! 

Weight Loss Wednesdays are going to be my diary filled with the ups and downs, what im eating, how im exercising and all that goes along with this journey to health!!!  Hope you tune in and see the change that happens over the next year! 
Stay tuned!!!  Next week I will include some pics!  


  1. I have debated the same thing about my weight put my actual weight...or not. But then I look at people that have ALOT more weight to lose than I do, and they aren't afraid to post it!

  2. Weight stinks! I am in the same battle- I do not think my hubby even knows my truthful number!!

    I found you through Military Monday Blog Hop and am excited to follow you- and will definitely keep an eye on your Wednesday Weight posts- cause I am working hard on losing some myself!



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