Thursday, March 3, 2011

A great day and a little rant to top it off!

I have to get something off my chest but first let me tell you about my great day and how our new routines are working great for us!!!
Today was a great day!  We went to the Zoo with a great friend and her super cute lil girl and guess what… I was not only on time but I was 10 mins EARLY!!!!  I am so proud of myself! Haha! 

Last night before bed I set out the kids clothes and packed the diaper bag!  I also decided to start straightening the house after the kidos are down before I go to bed! Both kids were asleep before 9 and I had the dishwasher loaded, the house and bathroom and all picked up and vacuumed the house by 945! (except the bedrooms of course) I love waking up to a clean house!!!  It makes everything so much easier.  This morning we woke up, I made scrambled eggs and gave both kids baths and while they were napping I got ready!  I love how smoothly the day goes when you create a little bit of routine!  I know it wont always be perfect but today was great! 
Tonight I made a yummy dinner for me and the monkey! Spinach, chicken alfredo over wheat rotini! It was mmm good, then we watched AI and played with the kidos! Got to talk to the hubs for about 3o mins and I was so very excited!

Now a little rant for the day.  So two things are bothering the tar out of me so I’m gonna get on my soap box just a little bit!

First, today I received the most ridiculous and preposterous text forward from several people and the words of it really ticked me off!  (first let me say if you are one of the people who sent it to me and you happen to read this blog, this isn’t a rant at you it’s a rant at the ridiculousness of what was portrayed that im ranting about – if you want to get mad at me don’t this isn’t a shot at you but my right to get it off my chest, read my disclaimer to the right)
The text forward was too long and ridiculous to go into all the stupid details but the jest of it was one of those stupid forward this to so many people so something good can happen to you at a certain time.  What super ticked me off about it was at the end it said if you don’t forward to 10 people you are choosing Satan over Jesus! WHAT THE CRAP!  First off God doesn’t operate on a conditional basis.  We cant buy or earn his love, his miracles, his goodness or his mercy! They are a free gift to believers!  I cant give an extra offering (a whole nother subject) and receive a healing and forwarding a stupid text message aka JUNK MAIL isn’t going make anything good happen to me!  My God is bigger than that and to choose to forward crap that says if you don’t you choose Satan over Jesus.. is simply preposterous and to top it off UN-Biblical!  If you want to take part in stupid forwards and chain letters and think they bring you luck or miracles or money or love or whatever, have at it but do NOT tell me if I choose not to participate that I am not choosing Jesus!  I choose Jesus when I choose to believe in him and the creator of this text forward chain letter message is an IDIOT plain and simple.  Manipulation is not the way to win people to Jesus and its flat out wrong! 

I know that’s a crazy rant but really it pissed me off beyond belief.  It still blows my mind!
My second little rant is about my Facebook and blog.  I have had several people go to my mom and tell her that she needs to tell me to be careful and watch what I say because I give out too much information over Facebook and my blog etc… Thank you for your concern, BUT, first off my Facebook is set to private.  I know each and every one of my friends.  They are family or people I actually know and talk to often.  I do not have anyone on my Facebook that I do not personally know.  I don’t even accept friend requests from old friends if I don’t know that they are safe or if I don’t have any need to talk to them just for the sake of having extra friends.  Also nowhere on my profile is my address, phone number or location listed.  So even if someone hacked in they couldn’t get my personal info.  I don’t have my address or location on my blog or my email and on  my blog I don’t even have my last name.  So thank you for your concern I really do appreciate it but quit running to my mommy like I’m 13 and just talk to me if you have a problem.  Also 99% of the time I don’t even post where I’m going until I have already been there.  Oh I love drama!  Nothing like it! Haha

Thanks for letting me rant! I promise my rants are few and far between but I was just too steamed today to just let it go!


  1. Those "well wishers" are always a pain in the batooty!


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