Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pregnancy, Gossip and Gods Plan

I still absolutely cannot believe that we are expecting baby #3!  Not to mention that baby #3 will be here even before #1 turns 2! I have pretty much been pregnant most of the last 3 years. haha!

I seriously love my obgyn and her nurses! They are so wonderful and sweet and well they have grown to know me very well since they have seen me every month since March of 09! I was very sad when I got word that they were moving to the other side of the city but I decided to follow them anyway! I called to make my first appointment right after we found out we were expecting and a few days later I got a phone call… it was my favorite nurse Terry! She said is this who I think it is?! Are you really pregnant again???!!! LOL She said she saw my name and was like NO WAY haha!  Love them!

Luckily I haven’t been sick at all but I have been seriously LAZY!  I want to just sit on the couch with a bag of chips and some dr pepper and I have got to make myself get out of the funk.  I am excited about expecting another baby but I really planned on using this deployment year to get in shape and loose lots of weight and instead im just gonna be gaining!   I know I just need to rework my goals and still keep focused on being healthy and not gaining too much weight!  I have to keep the chips out of the house and the dr pepper and I will be fine.

I tend to think that comfort food will make it all better when in turn its like any other bad thing it only provides temporary pleasure in exchange for yucky consequences! 

I have already heard that I am once again becoming the subject of tons of gossip!  Why are people so juvenile? Do they just want to relive Junior High?  As if having another baby is just the most unbelievable thing ever?  Ive heard it asked if we don’t have self control  and what were we thinking etc… Well let me say this…  We are very happily married and enjoy a very healthy sex life.  Ive been told more so than the average couple… and that’s okay!  Its more than ok! God created sex and he also said be fruitful and multiply! Haha!!  And yes we don’t use birth control! I didn’t want the weight gain and the moodiness that goes along with it and condoms are yuck! If you use them successfully more power to you but I don’t like plastic sex!  If you have a problem with it and are worried and wondering how we are going to do it.. so kindly worry about your own business and let me worry about mine  J  Totally not trying to be rude and I fully expect the looks, stares and sighs of disbelief but it bothers me when so called friends/Christians are out running their mouths and being ridiculous. It is what it is and theres nothing to do about it except have a baby and raise it in a happy godly home!
I firmly believe that God is the creator of life and he has a plan for this child that required he/she to be born at this time!
Psalms 139:13 & 16
“For you, God, created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.
Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be!

I really didnt intend on going on a rant and wanted to have a happy blog but I just felt the need to set a few people straight! lol

This upcoming week is going to be a little crazy and im not sure how much i will get to blog for the rest of the month but I will work on happy blogs for April! 

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