Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Meal Planning...Kinda...

Last week we were out of town most of the week with the hubs so I haven’t been able to find time to blog but will get back in the swing this week!  To start this week I am attempting to meal plan, well kinda… I made a plan, went shopping accordingly and then I started wondering how am I going to stick to this? Im prego and my mood often changes so instead of making a daily menu I just decided to make a list of meals/snacks etc and can cross them off as I go! 
I did write out things for each day and built my list according to that but there is just no way I can be rigid enough to say okay I have to have this today! Haha! Im a flexible kinda gal!  Not to mention I’m pretty much just cooking for myself and the Monkey.  I don’t have anyone saying whats for dinner etc.
I do think planning helped with spending though! I seemed to spend less bc I had specific things on the list and wasn’t just blindly shopping and getting things here and there and then getting home only to find out I had a bunch of random crap and nothing to make a solid meal!
Here are the things I am going to make this week…
Hamburger Wraps and Tomato Salad
Hawaiian Luau Chicken and Veggies
Taco Salad
Chipolte Chicken with Mushroom rice and green beans
Tomato Basil Chicken and veggies over wheat rotini
Grilled Chicken Salad

For breakfast I generally eat eggs and turkey bacon some times eggs with spinach sometimes with onions and mushrooms just depends on the mood.
For snacks I got grapes, oranges, triscuits & Veggies with homemade ranch!

Being Prego I tend to just want to sit down and eat a bag of chips to wash all the stresses and worries away but I did not buy any chips and will not!  It would be different if I could just eat a few but inevitably I end up eating the whole back in one day! So i said no to junk like chips!

Later this week I will update you on our lake extravaganza (which didnt go very well) miss thang turning 4 months old! Current Crafts and saying good bye to the hubs :(  Have an awesome monday!!!


  1. you sound like you are going to do really well :)
    im so excited for your new baby, and can not wait for pictures of the baby bump!! :)
    and if you want to eat a bag of chips, do it! im not pregnant (yet) and i still eat a bag! so i have no excuse really! haha.
    have a great day and best wishes from england :) x

  2. I TOTALLY understand about the chips...we don't buy them either! I could eat 10 bags in one sitting.


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