Monday, March 21, 2011

So busy being productive I forgot!

Today was a productive day and I realized that I get so much more accomplished if I make a list of all I need to do!   I finally got some of our family pics printed and got frames and hung them! 

With the hubs coming home soon for a 5 day leave, after being gone for a month, before he actually starts his year long deployment I had TONS to do!  We just moved into our house about 2 weeks before he left and up till today I still had a few unpacked boxes, laundry I hadn’t caught up on, and a little bit of ciaos in each room so I wanted to get on it so he didn’t come home and wonder what I did all month! Haha  Ive come to realize that men really don’t understand how much it takes to take care of kids all day and some days not much gets done except loving and caring for babies!

I was so busy being productive that at 140 my phone reminder popped up saying Miss Thang had a dr apt in 10 mins! OMG! I frantically started to rush, got the kids to the car in about 6 minutes and then realized I forgot stuff, monkey was mad bc it was his nap time and it just wasn’t going to work so I called to reschedule!  Oops!
I have been seeing a lot of different blogs about meal planning and I think I might give it a try???  Lately I haven’t even made a list and ended up spending more money than necessary, and having a lot of crap that I don’t need! This week we are going to be at the lake but I plan on trying that for next week!  We will see how it goes!

Gotta go finish being productive before I hit the hay… And if I didn’t mention it before.. I am SOO Excited to see the hubs this week!!!  Its been a pretty quick month!  I hope and pray the next 12 months go just as fast and even faster! 

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