Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty day!!!

Today has been awesome! We got to the Monkeys Dr appt on time and he did great! He is in the 90th percentile for his height 33 inches and weighs 24.4 lbs which is the 50th! Cant believe hes almost 17 months! OMG Heres a fun pic of him at lunch! MMM Ravoli

When we got home from the dr both kids napped and I got crafty and made several fun feather rosette headbands! Then I couldn’t wait for Miss Thang to wake up so I could use her as a head model! Haha!!!


We had dinner with my parents and then went to walmart! I was so excited to buy this…

IT SUCKED!!!! Totally taking it back! There is no 2nd spool of thread to make the stitch stick and if you barely touch it the whole seam you made just ravels apart! My mom is a sewer and she couldn’t make it work right either! IDK if its faulty or were just stupid or if it just really sucks! Haha OH WELL!
My mom brought over her sewing machine and set it up and reminded me of the basics! Its been since Jr. High that ive sewn anything!  Then when she left I set up and organized my craft area!!!

Tomorrow I have my first OB Appt! Then were going running around with my mom, then to Lunch for my Dads Birthday and heaven knows what else so I am not going to make many goals for tomorrow except to make some Nylon Headbands! 

OH and to make the day perfect we got to skype with daddy! The monkey kept trying to kiss him it was soo sweet! I totally miss him so much but days like today that are good, and busy help!  Now its almost 1130 and I have a few more things to straighten up before bed so I must go! 

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