Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loving a Soldier

It is absolutely hard to believe that the hubs just left 2 ½ weeks ago! I am pretty sure it has been the longest 2 ½ weeks of my life.  It hasn’t been all bad I just seriously can’t believe it’s only been such a short time! 
For the most part we have done pretty good, luckily I have gotten to talk to him every day and Skype several times as well!  There have been a few days where the tears flow nonstop but for the most part I’ve held it together!  Some days I don’t even realize what day it is! I didn’t realize it was Saturday until I tried to watch our show at 930 and it wasn’t on and I started freaking out only to realize it was Saturday! Haha!
We really are trying to stay busy and I’m just taking things a day at a time and planning things that way… One day at a time! We will get through this! 

It’s funny that when he’s gone I always sleep on his side of the bed and on his pillows and I find myself doing things I know he would want me to do that I never did while he was here like putting the new roll of toilet paper back on the wall… I have always been bad about doing that but since he’s been gone I’ve done it every time! I make attempts to squeeze the tooth paste from the top instead of the middle and some days I squirt a lil bit of his cologne around so I can smell him! 

Being a military wife isn’t an easy job but I am so proud to do it.  I love him and support him with all my being and he knows I’m right here taking care of things and will be waiting for him to come home! 

It’s so funny how things change in an instance and all in Gods perfect timing!  3 years ago I was working 24-7 and belly aching about not having a man etc and really in a heartbeat everything changed.  You never know what God has planned and it’s amazing to see it all play out!  I really never imagined it was possible to love someone so much! I seriously never imagined being a military wife or having kids soooo close together or so fast either!   But God’s timing is perfect and he won’t give us more than we can handle.   Deployment sucks and it’s not easy but I know we will be stronger for it! 

I could blog for hours on how much I love and am proud of my amazing hubs and still not come close to saying all I want to say.  The depths of my love for him really are immeasurable and truly amazing.  I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend and beyond lucky that he is such an amazing father! 

If my hubs is reading this rest assured that even though it sucks greatly to be apart my love for you still continues to grow every day!  My pride in you and what you are doing beams from every part of me and I love you with everything I have! Thank you for giving me the most beautiful family and I can NOT wait to be in your arms again! I LOVE YOU MORE! And I always will! Im praying for your safety and know that God will keep you strong and well protected!  Thank you for putting God first and for choosing me!

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