Friday, April 1, 2011

Deployment Funk Continues

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and as I listen to the sounds of both my kids sleeping over the baby monitors, I am looking around at the ciaos my house is in and I have no motivation to do anything about it!  I am seriously still in the deployment sucks, I miss my husband funk!

As I sit on the couch I look around and see an entire basket of clean laundry tussled all over the place! The monkey seems to think its fun to take things from the basket and throw them around! I also see toys, lots of toys, blankets, and a few random crackers the monkey left behind! Under the kitchen table is a stack of CDs that fell out of the case and never got picked up as well as scraps of material from my crafty day LAST WEEK!  I just don’t want to do a single thing yet! Except just love on my kidos, snuggle with them, play with them, watch tv with them etc!  I however did do the dishes and have kept the kitchen relatively clean and have taken out the trash… Don’t wanna be nasty just a little messy!  The good news is that there are no sweets or chips in the house so I cant just sit here and gorge on anything but fruits and veggies!

I did get out of the house and went running around with my dad and the kids for a few hours today and were going to my aunts birthday party later today and have plans for the rest of the weekend but am in need of things to do during the middle of the week.  Everything I have is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  I messed around and missed the opportunity for the monkey to get swim lessons for April and now they are booked up unless I wanna go to the other side of town which I prefer not to do when there is a YMCA a mile from my house!

Ok I am seriously gonna quit procrastinating and just get up and pick up the house!  When you hear from me tomorrow I better be able to say my house is once again beautiful and that we are finding our way back into routine…

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