Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Want Wednesday! Turquoise!!!!

Lately I have found it hard to ‘blog’! I write an entire blog then I feel like it’s boring, sad or a little too whiney, so I end up deleting it!  In my present situation it’s way too easy to fall into a rut so I am working on revamping things a little…
Thinking about my future and there are many things I want!  Some material, some spiritual, some personal, physical etc...  I am thinking of making a fun midweek focus, “What I want Wednesday!” 
This week I’m starting with the Material!

One of the things I love to watch is the Nate Berkus show!   He always inspires me! I told my hubs a few weeks ago that I wanted to redo our bedroom for Christmas! Right now its brown and blue and its DULL and I hate it!  I loved it in our old house because it worked, but here it just feels drab!

I am pretty sure I’ve decided that I want Black and White and Turquoise! 
I want deep turquoise walls and an awesome Black and White comfortor!  No zebra! More like an elegant(ish) chandelier type print!  Oh and I totally want turquoise Satin or Silk sheets with some cute turquoise throw pillows and a homemade headboard!  Ive seen several ideas and I wanna get crafty and try one!

Here are a few of my random likes in the direction I’m wanting to go!
love the wall color
ADORE ALL Of this! but no pink accents though

silk sheets!!!

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