Monday, September 5, 2011

Time for a Change!

With R&R and Baby #3 coming VERY soon my mind is flooded with all the things that I need to do before either one of those can happen and all the changes that need to start to happen after baby and r&r to end of deployment!  I like to think that I am a planner.  Not that I always follow through with my plans but I like to make them and ‘feel’ prepared!

The biggest change that needs to start to unfold is eating patterns!  Before I had baby #1 I was diagnosed with Cronhs Disease and had a pretty tough couple of months health wise in 2008.  Luckily for me pregnancy hormones have pretty much suppressed any and all symptoms!
In the months of my flare-ups the only thing that helped was completely changing my diet to no diary, refined sugars or white flour! Anytime I had a little bit of dairy I felt it immensely! In the process of those 7 months my diet completely changed to pretty much eating Fruits, Veggies and Meat. I had no dairy whatsoever, having to check every single label because you can’t even begin to imagine how many things have dairy in them! It’s unreal!  And over the course of that revolutionary change in eating habits I lost a great deal of weight!  The last thing I want or need after baby 3 comes is to continue my present patters and start having flare-ups again.  They are very painful and the steroids that I would have to take to help control make me a very mean person!  So I need to start working, NOW, to start making some serious changes.  Hoping that making small changes over the course of the next few months will help ease the process that needs to happen after the baby comes!  If I can quit one thing a week now then by the time the baby comes things will be much easier!

I joined weight watchers about a month ago and though I haven’t really lost any weight, I am 31 weeks pregnant and haven’t really gained any weight since I started weight watchers.  However, I’m still not totally sure how I feel about.  Some things I like, like the fact that it helps me keep track and keep somewhat accountable but I don’t like that I can pretty much eat any unhealthy thing I want as long as it fits into the daily points value. (with me Id think oh I can starve all day and have something awful for dinner, that’s not that answer!)  I know it’s good, but it’s also bad.  Not that I wanna never have bad stuff but I really do want to completely revolutionize my eating habits.

Over the course of this pregnancy, coupled with the deployment blues I have been eating TOTAL crap!  Drinking TONS of Dr. Pepper (aka caffeine I need for energy but total waste of calories and carbs) eating crap like McDonalds Breakfast, Chic Fil A Lunch and all around a lot of crap that I don’t need to be eating. 
I have used pregnancy and deployment as an excuse and used the excessive heat outside as a reason not to exercise AT ALL!  It’s a miracle I haven’t gained TONS of weight throughout this past 31 weeks!

The things I need to do to start to cut in order to be able to go back to strict Cronhs friendly eating are:
Dr Pepper (I need to go back to green tea for caffeine or maybe iced coffee?)
Fast Food (This is going to be my first thing to go! Starting NOW!)
Dairy (which is everything lol! Go back to Goats Cheese/Milk etc) This can be an easy gradual thing over the next few weeks, simply by changing milks, cheeses and starting to watch labels again while shopping. My biggest dairy obsession is ranch but I learned I can get the packets and make it at home with soy milk or another milk substitute.  I actually did a lot of soy milk last time and now it grosses me out (could be pregnancy?) I think Im going to try rice milk or almond milk or even goats milk? I love goats cheese so…?
Sweets (There are some sweets that I did have before but they were rare and bought only at the health food store)  Luckily I really don’t eat a lot of sweets anyway but one thing I did last time was buy pudding mix which doesn’t have dairy and make it with soy milk! There are lots of creative alternatives!
Luckily I don’t really have many white flours, any time I have pasta its whole wheat, same with bread and even the flour I have etc.

Once all these things are eliminated, it seems kind of drastic, but its what I need to stay healthy and I need to be healthy for me and for my hubs and kids!  I can tell (and my family can tell) the total difference in me when I am not eating dairy, sugars, flours etc… Its dramatic and it affects so many areas for good! Not only is it a great way to lose all this baby weight (I have been pregnant for most of the past 3 years!) Last time on top of losing over 70 lbs it completely eliminated my severe allergies, I had an insane amount of energy and I just felt all around better.

I am pretty sure over the course of the past few months I have had several blogs about my dissatisfaction with my health and choices I have been making and it really is time to make the change!  We have 8 ½ -9 weeks till Jaxsen comes.  I need to spend the next 8 weeks eliminating things slowly so I don’t have to go cold turkey all at once. It really is time for no more excuses.  I need to find some health nuts to become friends with! I have learned that if you want to do something its best to surround yourself with people who want the same things. 

I plan to start a serious Meal Planner and keep serious track of what I am eating/eliminating and how it affects me.  I have tried meal plans in the past and really have failed miserably but the time has come to get serious about things like this!  So here we go.. We won’t mention what I had for breakfast but from this point on I am going to start keeping track, planning and working on it.

Here we go…. I can do this!
Heres my motivation...
My Sweet Princess

My precious Monkey

My Sexy Brave Handsome Super Amazing Hubs!

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