Saturday, December 10, 2011

Green Straw Addictions

Last night while sipping a Grande Peppermint Mocha Frap through that oh so infamous Green Straw I had a realization.. Im addicted!  I woulda thought that the startling fact that it holds 65 carbs per cup would have been enough to scare me away forever… but I was stressed out and it seems to be my go to for stress relief and before I knew what hit me there I was..  Sipping deviously on that beloved green straw!  When I have had a rough day I somehow always talk myself into being deserving of the sugar filled sinful delight. 

Three back to back pregnancies have caused a horrid side effect.. Fatness!  Not to mention barely having 2-3 months between each has played a serious toll.  I lost all of my ‘princess’ weight within a few weeks and have almost lost all the peanut weight but my first pregnancy had lots of complications, depression, missing my new hubs who was in basic and AIT all added up to significant weight gain that I am now fighting to loose!
I realized that I can make all these lofty plans and goals but instead of just looking at the end result and sometimes getting overwhelmed and giving up for the day, I have to look at each meal, snack etc individually and make a choice.  For me if I have had a bad day and made some slip ups I end up saying, screw it ill start over tomorrow.  WRONG ANSWER!  Daily choices (heck sometimes hourly choices) are the key to my success. 

Today I had a good day, I ate healthy all day and made smart choices most of the day and when faced with the overwhelming desire to give into the green straw, I won!  One victory at a time, one day at a time, one meal/snack at a time!  

I can do this!!!

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