Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick, easy and healthy meals! All under 350 Calories each!

I’ve had several people ask what kind of healthy foods I am making so I decided to dedicate Thursdays to Recipes, healthy food ideas etc… Most of the things I have been making are random creations and crazy easy but if there are any busy moms like me, easy and healthy are great and I’m always looking for new ideas! So I hope you can use some of my crazy creations!!!  These creations are all low calorie as well as low carb!  I am trying to stay away from high starchy/carb stuff like pastas, potatoes, sugars etc… the carbs I am getting are from fruits and veggies and the little in the diary or meat I am eating!

Heres what I am learning and why I am eating the way I am.. If you want different results then what you have had in the past you have to do or eat something different!   I want to be able - NO! I will be able to look back a year from now and see DRASTIC change and if i want that Drastic result I have to make drastic changes!

Being a mom of 3 kids ages 2 and under with a hubs deployed I often need super quick options! I don’t usually have time to stand in the kitchen for a long time unless I want things burnt! One of my fav new finds is Tyson Grill Ready Chicken!  Its Yummy and its super easy!  I plan on getting a new George forman grill soon so I can make my own chicken but this has just been a huge help in the midst of craziness!
I eat a lot of turkey bacon, Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs, YUM! As well as lots of veggies and meats! I always have Hebrew national all beef hotdogs on hand as well! 
These are some of the random creations I have made in the past week that have helped me lose 10 lbs in 1 week! And btw my kids liked all these meals except the lettuce wraps of course! But they had more nutrition in other things and not just these low cal things so don’t worry!

Calorie and Carb counts are based on my Calorie Count App! Love it!

Turkey Burger Patty cooked in a lil bit of liquid smoke for flavor topped with Wholly Guacamole and Bean Spouts!  Total of 10 carbs and 288 Calories!

Grill Ready Chicken Lettuce wraps with Wholly Guac!  I just get a few leaves of  Romaine lettuce and spread some guac in them and top with a few pieces of grill ready chicken and roll up and enjoy! YUM! Only 173 Calories and 4 carbs!

Last night I julienned an onion, cooked it in a skillet with a TINY bit of smart butter kinda fajita style and then added some bean sprouts, some chicken and some wholly guac and mixed all together! Super yummy too! It is a little higher in carbs then I realized but its all good for you veggie type carbs so those are ok to me... But overall the dinner was 330 calories but a nasty 23 carbs! Next time I know half the onion!

Tonight I had Grill Ready Chicken with Spinach and a little bit of Alfredo Sauce! MMM Only 164 Calories! And 5 Carbs!  I just thawed the spinach and heated it all up together in a pan on the stove and ate! It was great!

Hawaiian Luau Chicken with Squash and Zucchini!  Took a pkt of McCormick Hawaiian Luau Marinade and cooked the veggies in it then added the chicken to warm and then drained off the excess oil mixture and served! 221 Calories and about 8 carbs!
Those are just a few ideas I had this week! Hope to keep coming up with more and give others some good easy ideas!!! J

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