Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tomorrow is a bad excuse :)

I decided to get serious about this weight loss journey a little less than 2 weeks ago and since then I have lost 16.4 lbs!

What I FINALLY realized, as I was sipping a Grande Peppermint Mocha Frap, was there have been TOO many times I used the excuse that I would start 'tomorrow' or I will start Monday or on the 1st or for the new year but there comes a point when you decide tomorrow is too late! Next week is way too late and next month is completely unacceptable! If 2 weeks ago I would have said I'm going to wait till after the holidays I'd still be 17 lbs heavier, If not more! 

Speaking from experience if I had made a future start date instead of right then I'd prob once again come to that start date and keep making excuses or try and fail to easily. There has to come a point where you stop saying tomorrow or next week I'll do it and you just decide to do it now!
You may have a bad day or take a day off for Christmas and New Year but why waste all those days in between.  I know for me that for as long as I can remember every time I said okay ill start on Monday, Monday would roll around, I’d do amazing for half the day then epic fail set it and because I had already set in the habit of ‘starting tomorrow’, tomorrow easily became next week and next week easily became next year!

Today I started a ‘Put Down That Cookie’ support group amongst some of my FB friends and Fam and I am so every excited! Everyone has their own goals and their own methods but its great to have encouragement from others going through the same things!  When I started writing this ‘tomorrow’ blog it was before that group started and before people said oh I will start tomorrow, so if you are one that said ‘tomorrow’ this blog is not directed at you and it was started before you said tomorrow and its just part of my journey.  I want the days that I blog about weight loss to be a real look at the struggles and challenges I am facing and overcoming! 
I also want to say the things to someone else in the same boat as I am, 100 lbs overweight, that i wish someone would have said to me! I wish a LONG time ago some one would have had the balls to quit dancing around the facts and say get off your badankadonk and do something! 

Id rather start right this minute and make mistakes along the say but keep pressing through then to keep putting off tomorrow what could very easily change my life today and totally reshape my future!  Every moment counts, every decision counts and as hard as it is to say ‘no’ to those bad things its time to sit down, make realistic goals and run after them with everything you have!  
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Not everyone reading this has 100 or even 50 or even 30 lbs to lose but no matter what your goals are they are all achievable if you put your mind to it!  Hello almost 17 lbs in 2 weeks! Cant wait to look back at the end of this next year and say heck yes i did it!!! How about you???

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  1. AWESOME JOB!! Just found your new Blog through Utterly Chaotic- super cute! Here is a page I help moderate on FB- it's for all military spouses who are serious about living a healthy life- not just getting thin. Because thin does not = healthy.
    It's called Grunt Fitness 365 Come check us out & keep up the good work!



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