Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Being Fat and never going back!

First off this is my first time to blog from my iPhone so I'm hoping it works out!

Today I went to my last OB appointment and it was bitter sweet. I have become so close to my OB and her staff after 3 back to back pregnancies! They are all so much fun and it's going to be sad to not be seeing them every month but I am certainly glad that our lil family is now complete! My OB and I talked about the fact that I had lost over 15 lbs since I was there a week and a half ago and i told her how I planned to loose much more!
My last appt before I had jax I topped out at an ungodly weight! A number worthy of the biggest looser! I understand most of the almost 40lbs I lost since giving birth was pregnancy weight but still... Whew!
My OB said she couldn't wait to see how skinny I would be when I came back for my yearly appt in the summer! I cant wait either!

When I left my appointment i headed over to the gas station. While pumping gas I noticed a 'big' girl walking out with a gigantic soda bottle and an even more gigantic bag of chips and I was so quickly taken back to the amount of times that was me. I can't even tell you how many times I ran in for some chips or some hot fries and a soda... And without even thinking about it polished off the whole bag!

There's such a difference in the will of someone who 'is' fat in every since of the word and someone who may 'be' fat and has decided that enough really is enough and they're not going back.

Some people freak out over the word fat bc it's mean or whatever but the simple reality and honest to goodness truth of it is when your bmi isn't just overweight, it's obese or even morbidly obese its time to stop candy coating it and take a hard look at the sad reality... I'm fat! It's much easier to candy coat the reality and laugh it off and dance around the subject but the reality and the truth is plain and simple! The only time a true change can actually unfold is when you stop accepting it, stop being ok with it, stop dancing around the truth and let reality slap you in the face and get serious!

Im not saying we all need to look like Barbie, but obesity is a sickness, there's an unhealthy addiction that comes along with it and for me I realize these things and can proudly look at where I am and say once and for all, yep I'm fat! But not for much longer!!!
Every day I'm that much closer to my goal! Every pound that I loose is one less pound of fatness and one step closer to health and being fit!

It's not about being skinny its about being healthy, it's about being able to look at the real numbers and see that you are in a healthy range and not putting yourself at risk for much worse things!
It's about putting down that bag of chips and that large dr pepper or that candy bar or that ice cream and realizing its time to make the right choices and to stop making excuses!

Idk about you but I'm beyond fed up with being a part of a statistic. Im fed up with not wanting to be in pictures with my husband or family im fed up with all the side effects that come from being fat! I'm fed up With being larger than all my friends and a million other things! This is why I'm able to make the change!

Seeing that girl, which is an exact picture of where I was a month ago, just inspired me more to be able to say I am leaving fat town and I'm never going back!!!!

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