Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GRRR!!!!! I jacked up my blog

ugh! I am so frustrated! I am trying to redo my blog and having NO luck I just keep jacking it up! UGH!!!!!!!!!  I need professional help!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loving a Soldier

It is absolutely hard to believe that the hubs just left 2 ½ weeks ago! I am pretty sure it has been the longest 2 ½ weeks of my life.  It hasn’t been all bad I just seriously can’t believe it’s only been such a short time! 
For the most part we have done pretty good, luckily I have gotten to talk to him every day and Skype several times as well!  There have been a few days where the tears flow nonstop but for the most part I’ve held it together!  Some days I don’t even realize what day it is! I didn’t realize it was Saturday until I tried to watch our show at 930 and it wasn’t on and I started freaking out only to realize it was Saturday! Haha!
We really are trying to stay busy and I’m just taking things a day at a time and planning things that way… One day at a time! We will get through this! 

It’s funny that when he’s gone I always sleep on his side of the bed and on his pillows and I find myself doing things I know he would want me to do that I never did while he was here like putting the new roll of toilet paper back on the wall… I have always been bad about doing that but since he’s been gone I’ve done it every time! I make attempts to squeeze the tooth paste from the top instead of the middle and some days I squirt a lil bit of his cologne around so I can smell him! 

Being a military wife isn’t an easy job but I am so proud to do it.  I love him and support him with all my being and he knows I’m right here taking care of things and will be waiting for him to come home! 

It’s so funny how things change in an instance and all in Gods perfect timing!  3 years ago I was working 24-7 and belly aching about not having a man etc and really in a heartbeat everything changed.  You never know what God has planned and it’s amazing to see it all play out!  I really never imagined it was possible to love someone so much! I seriously never imagined being a military wife or having kids soooo close together or so fast either!   But God’s timing is perfect and he won’t give us more than we can handle.   Deployment sucks and it’s not easy but I know we will be stronger for it! 

I could blog for hours on how much I love and am proud of my amazing hubs and still not come close to saying all I want to say.  The depths of my love for him really are immeasurable and truly amazing.  I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend and beyond lucky that he is such an amazing father! 

If my hubs is reading this rest assured that even though it sucks greatly to be apart my love for you still continues to grow every day!  My pride in you and what you are doing beams from every part of me and I love you with everything I have! Thank you for giving me the most beautiful family and I can NOT wait to be in your arms again! I LOVE YOU MORE! And I always will! Im praying for your safety and know that God will keep you strong and well protected!  Thank you for putting God first and for choosing me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meal Plan Failure

Its Monday! I have been out of the loop for a few days but I’m back! I have been busy crafting, playing with the kids, and just relaxing.  I have been trying to stock pile some crafts so I could do a local market to raise money for a friends mission trip but the market happens to fall on one of the days I will be visiting the hubs! So excited he gets a little leave before leaving country, though I don’t know how I feel about driving 12 hours with a 17 mo old and a 5 mo old! Haha! I plan on driving at night while they sleep so hopefully that will help a little! We shall see.. More to come on that another day!

First being Monday it is the day I had planned on making Meal Planning Mondays and what I came to realize is Meal Planning just doesn’t work for me! Haha! I tried it and I failed miserably! Im sure once the kids are bigger it will be more than necessary but right now its just me.  The monkey will eat whatever and I always have plenty of things on hand that he will eat. 

I really want Roccos new cook book bc I feel that I’m in a food rut.. Same old things and I also find that though I usually love to cook I really don’t like doing it just for me!  I really need to be healthy and eat healthy and sometimes its just crazy hard to do!  Sometimes I just want something quick and easy and not a long process meal!
Last week I bought carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, oranges and grapes.. sadly I never opened the broc or Cauil, I ate carrots once and I totally forgot about the oranges and the grapes I ate maybe half of! I also bought Zucchini and Squash for a dinner and I failed to cook em before they went bad!  I bought an entire thing of fresh chicken breasts and I didn’t separate and freeze them in time so they all went to waste! OMG!  Probably at least $50 worth of groceries down the drain!

The biggest problem is our Fridge.. When we moved into our new house we intended on getting a new fridge so we put our old one in the garage so we didn’t have to move it again.. well then the car broke down and I spent my fridge fund on fixing the truck! Boo… So my fridge still sits in the garage!  I thought no big deal I will buy a new fridge in a few weeks but now we are going to be spending a good amount in travel and hotel to visit the hubs so it will have to wait another month or so… And its terribly inconvenient and easy to forget about things! Oops!  I have got to get my dad over here and get it inside so this doesn’t happen again! 

My goal this week is to go for a walk with the kids at least 3 times.. I need to make it a daily habit and I will get there but gotta start small!  I don’t know why I have just been so ridiculously lazy feeling! Im just tired and drained and still getting used to pretty much being a single mom for a while.  Plus Miss Thang has been waking up every 2 hours through the night so that adds to the tiredness!  BUT luckily the last 2 nights in a row shes slept between 6-7 hours, ate and went right back to sleep and slept for another 5-6! Hopefully she keeps this going!

Some days I look at the caious of having 2 lil ones and think HOLY COW! How am I gonna do this with 3! Lol but I know it will all work out! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty day!!!

Today has been awesome! We got to the Monkeys Dr appt on time and he did great! He is in the 90th percentile for his height 33 inches and weighs 24.4 lbs which is the 50th! Cant believe hes almost 17 months! OMG Heres a fun pic of him at lunch! MMM Ravoli

When we got home from the dr both kids napped and I got crafty and made several fun feather rosette headbands! Then I couldn’t wait for Miss Thang to wake up so I could use her as a head model! Haha!!!


We had dinner with my parents and then went to walmart! I was so excited to buy this…

IT SUCKED!!!! Totally taking it back! There is no 2nd spool of thread to make the stitch stick and if you barely touch it the whole seam you made just ravels apart! My mom is a sewer and she couldn’t make it work right either! IDK if its faulty or were just stupid or if it just really sucks! Haha OH WELL!
My mom brought over her sewing machine and set it up and reminded me of the basics! Its been since Jr. High that ive sewn anything!  Then when she left I set up and organized my craft area!!!

Tomorrow I have my first OB Appt! Then were going running around with my mom, then to Lunch for my Dads Birthday and heaven knows what else so I am not going to make many goals for tomorrow except to make some Nylon Headbands! 

OH and to make the day perfect we got to skype with daddy! The monkey kept trying to kiss him it was soo sweet! I totally miss him so much but days like today that are good, and busy help!  Now its almost 1130 and I have a few more things to straighten up before bed so I must go! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Blog Hops!

Its monday! And here are the 2 blog hops i love to follow  :)  Check em out!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Deployment Funk Continues

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and as I listen to the sounds of both my kids sleeping over the baby monitors, I am looking around at the ciaos my house is in and I have no motivation to do anything about it!  I am seriously still in the deployment sucks, I miss my husband funk!

As I sit on the couch I look around and see an entire basket of clean laundry tussled all over the place! The monkey seems to think its fun to take things from the basket and throw them around! I also see toys, lots of toys, blankets, and a few random crackers the monkey left behind! Under the kitchen table is a stack of CDs that fell out of the case and never got picked up as well as scraps of material from my crafty day LAST WEEK!  I just don’t want to do a single thing yet! Except just love on my kidos, snuggle with them, play with them, watch tv with them etc!  I however did do the dishes and have kept the kitchen relatively clean and have taken out the trash… Don’t wanna be nasty just a little messy!  The good news is that there are no sweets or chips in the house so I cant just sit here and gorge on anything but fruits and veggies!

I did get out of the house and went running around with my dad and the kids for a few hours today and were going to my aunts birthday party later today and have plans for the rest of the weekend but am in need of things to do during the middle of the week.  Everything I have is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  I messed around and missed the opportunity for the monkey to get swim lessons for April and now they are booked up unless I wanna go to the other side of town which I prefer not to do when there is a YMCA a mile from my house!

Ok I am seriously gonna quit procrastinating and just get up and pick up the house!  When you hear from me tomorrow I better be able to say my house is once again beautiful and that we are finding our way back into routine…