Thursday, February 9, 2012

Announcement.... Im going.....

I have been doing lots of research on different health related things for the past few months.  Life for me is all about trial and error.  Sometimes I may try and fail but getting back up and trying again is the key to success!  Since my hospital stay a few weeks ago I have known the way I need to eat and have done ok but there have been days that I have just fallen off the wagon.  For me its easier to have a specified plan.  Three and a half years ago when I was diagnosed with Cronhs I found that the best way to manage all that comes along is to strictly say no dairy, no sugar, no grains etc.. I ate only meat fruits and veggies and I did great with it.  I had determination bc I knew if I didn’t follow it exactly I would have severe pain and I didn’t want that.  This time with my mini flair I had lots of symptoms but I did not have the pain.  All the other symptoms are easier to treat and to deal with then the pain so I found it easier to cheat.
While browsing Pinterest I kept seeing things about Paleo and I started my hard core press to find out everything I could about the Paleo Lifestyle.  Its not a diet.. It’s a way of life.  Of course there is a crazy diet version of it but if you do your research you will find there are lots of people successfully living Paleo.  Much like being Vegan or Vegetarian are ways of life not just diet fads the same goes for Paleo.

The thing that stuck out to me was no dairy, no sugar, no starches, grains or beans!  All the things that are in this diet are the exact things I need to be doing.  I guess it’s all psychological for me.  My mind has to have a laid out plan to be able to stick to.  When I try to just do it and figure it out on my own it just doesn’t work. 

I am very excited to say that I have officially gone Paleo! I talked to the hubs and he is totally game.  I am not ready to take my kids there yet and may not be till they are older I don’t know that yet.  But I do know that in my quest for Health and Weight loss this looks to be the way to go for me!
I will post more information later about specifics later but yesterday I said I would make an announcement today and I have had lots of people asking so I wanted to get it out there.  Today has been crazy so what I wanted to be a long detailed post will have to wait until tomorrow!

Very excited to see where this journey takes me.  I already know how great I will feel because I have basically been paleo before without knowing it and I felt like a totally different and very healthy person! Hoping to see some more amazing results!  So far I am at 31.8 lbs and I hope to see the rest continue to melt away as I keep trucking on this journey to health!

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