Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ive Gone Paleo!

Lets get primal?  This past week I decided to go Paleo!  What is Paleo you ask? 

Paleo food pyramid, as imagined by the lovely Gillian Fritzsche of Club Fritch via

There is also a great summary of the plan found here

Also love this info on Paleo 101 from

This is also very helpful and all in one easy print page..

Let me start by saying when reading about Paleo there are lots of references to Cavemen, Evolution the earth being 2.5 million years old etc.. I DO NOT believe in evolution in any way shape or form!  I do not believe the earth is millions of years old.  I BELIEVE STRICTLY IN CREATION and the WORD OF GOD.  

With that being said, while some of theologies of Paleo are based on us eating primal like the ‘cavemen’ did millions of years before when man was healthiest , while I don’t agree with the 2.5 million year old cavemen aspect I agree with going back to a way of eating that is more natural and eliminating processed foods etc. 
As I said before, this way of life (not calling it a diet because that confuses people into thinking it’s a fad diet – it’s a way of life just as being a vegetarian or vegan are) eliminates all the things that I already need to eliminate to manage Cronhs and achieve optimal health for my body.  Paleo is basically Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Sugar Free.  No processed foods, Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit and Nuts only.  Is it for everyone? No.  But it is for me!  I have found tons of great websites with lots of great info and recipes through Pinterest!

Here are some great resources for anyone that is interested in finding out more  (in no particular order)   This is a great website for Recipe Sharing

This is just the beginning! I will be sharing much more info along my journey! Looking forward to new discoveries and better health!

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