Friday, July 5, 2013

Clean Cilantro Lime Fajitas & Cutie Patooties

Why do attempts to get good pics of your kids always end up in like 84 shots and only one half way good one out of the whole bundle.  Getting 3 toddlers to sit still at the same time is next to impossible!
These 2 were the best of the best.. hahaha


Do your kids eat what you eat? Mine NEVER do and I feel like a big epic failure on the food homefont. I have 3 of the pickiest toddlers ever!  Tonight we made some Clean Cilantro & Lime Fajitas and they were so yummy! Who wouldnt want to have these?! 

Peppers, Onions & Chicken made in a lil bit of coconut oil, lime juice and cilantro with garlic and cumin.  Pretty super yummy!  topped off with a lil bit of fresh homemade salsa and guacamole! Yum!  We found the cleanest corn tortillas we could find bc my hubs isnt really up for just eating it with out wrapping it up! 

Of course the holiday was anything but clean but oh well life goes on! ha!  Excited for this long happy weekend with the hubs and my sweet babies!
 photo plainsigt_zpsd3f25377.png

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  1. Yum!! Our guys almost always eat what we eat. Sometimes I'll serve them before I'm done adding all the ingredients, because they're pretty picky also.
    You bottom pic came out super cute!!! They're adorable.


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