Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Adventures in My New Lil Hick Town

So last night was my first actual big grocery trip in my lil hick town Walmart. It was STRESSFUL!  First of all I am used to shopping at the commissary or at another local owned store chain that had amazing unbeatable prices! I have never bought groceries at walmart other than just a few things here and there.  I also joined a clean eating challenge group for July and did my best to shop 'clean' which made me very panicky!  Through the fruits and veggies section I was okay.  I actually felt great as I shopped the parameter of the store.  But when I had to move to the isles I got overwhelmed.  Looking at ingredients for the first time ever was eye opening to say the least.  Its amazing how much 'other stuff' is in everything!  

One of my friends started a new business called Bloom Holistic that focuses on Clean Eating and joining their first Clean Eating Challenge Group seemed like the best thing to get me going... I know I know.. I try it all! ha!  But clean eating is something I have done in the past and when I did it my health changed beyond belief.  Herbalife worked for me and I love the shakes and I still plan on incorporating them into my meals but they are in no way clean and I am not going to be doing 2 shakes a day for sure. I know I am not going to be able to be 100% clean but my goal is to be as clean as possible and to make changes in the kids stuff gradually.  I felt the worst when buying foods I knew they would eat.  Other than fruits and some veggies just about everything they eat is processed to the max.. danget!  They are so picky and rarely ever eat what we eat, which is a whole nother post!

Today I made my first 'Clean' breakfast and OMG it was yummy!  
I called it Southwestern Crustless Quiche

5 Eggs
1 Cup of Salsa (all fresh ingredients from my dads garden with no chemicals!)
1/4 cup of Goats Cheese

Mix all together and pour in a pie pan and bake on 400* for 25ish mins ( i cooked until i poked with a knife and it came out clean!
Then I topped it with avocado and salsa! YUM!
I am looking forward to this month and hoping to see some great benefits in my health and will be posting lots of clean eating recipes!  

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  1. That quiche sounds delicious! Best of luck on your clean eating journey!

  2. I want that quiche!!! Yum!

  3. That looks great! I come from a small little hick town and when super walmart came in it shut the other stores down. I am glad now to live in a bigger city and have a better selection of where to shop.

  4. That quiche looks pretty good! A friend of mine made one like the recently too! Good luck with Walmart! I just switched over to shopping at the commi. I never knew what I was missing out on!


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