Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Today has been a really good day! We got to Skype with daddy and the kids were very excited and so was I!  Today is day 5 with no binky and he has been doing great!!!  When he had the bink it was a little easier to get him to sleep but now it just takes a few extra minutes of precious quality time between the two of us and I love it!  He gets in bed, snuggles up on his monkey pillow pet, grabs his soft monkey blanket and we read (listen) to one of daddys books.  Then we pray, I sing him a few songs while massaging his head and then we read a book! Tonight we read Curious George and the Puppies and he was snoring by page 5!  Awesome lil man!  Yeah its not as easy as before but I love the sweet lil routine we are making and love the time we get to spend one on one with sister already asleep!

Speaking of sister she has been sleeping 8-9 hours then another 3 to 4 and sometimes even another 1-2 after that! Of course I have been feeding her when she wakes up! First its been a good 8-9 hours and second she is waking up with a hungry cry.  Sometimes she wakes up randomly and starts babbling and does it for about 10 minutes, I ignore her and she goes back to sleep all on her own.  I understand not feeding her if she wakes up 3, 4 and 5 times a night but I also am learning to just pay close attention to her cries.  I know, and have known for a long time, what her cries mean and her hungry cries are very obvious!  She is making such progress!  She has been sitting up for about 2 months but she has always been very wobbly and would fall over pretty easily, but the past few days she has just suddenly gotten super sturdy!  She is a crazy rollie pollie! She rolls everywhere and is trying sooo hard to crawl! Cant wait till she just takes off! 

Right now having 2 so close together seems to be working great, things seem to be flowing well!  When I get super stressed I just pack em up in the car, head to sonic for a drink then go for a long drive.  They are very calm in the car and I don’t have to deal with anything. Haha!  Princess is getting WAY too heavy to lug her around in the infant car seat!  I want to move her to the bigger one rear facing but we tried one day and she screamed NON stop! She NEVER cries in the car! She wasn’t hungry, wet or anything else she simply just didn’t like this new seat??? I guess we will give it a few weeks and try again but OMG she really is just too heavy for this prego to be lugging around in that bulky carrier.

I sometimes don’t know how on earth I will ever manage getting out of the house with 3 babies under 2 but I know we will figure it out.  One day at a time!
To end here are some fun lil pics of my babies!!!
Their first bath together

He loves to splash himself!

first time in a high chair

He always tries to pick her up lol

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