Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The smell of him and baby news...

Today I miss my husband terribly.  I miss him every day but some days are just harder than others.  When I have a day like today I put on one of his army tshirts, squirt on a lil bit of his cologne and just cherish memories and think of him till I fall asleep! I love the smell of his cologne! It makes it seem like hes here! I can smell him and i love it! On a happier note..

Yesterday I had my monthly OB appt and it was a little scary at first!  The nurse tried and tried and could not find the heartbeat.  I was starting to get a little panicky and she got the other nurse and she was able to find it.. Ahh relief.  The Dr. came in and said everything was perfect.  I of course had to ask my question… Can you just leave my uterus out when you do the C Section? Haha! She said why does everyone ask me that! Haha!
My view is its only for babies and if im not having any more why do I need it! Get rid of it then I wont have to have a period any more! As long as I have my ovaries I still have all my hormones… But no such luck! She said bc of how much blood it houses etc that its too dangerous and would cause to much blood loose and that they only do on an emergency basis.. BOOO! Haha

Next month they will be doing my ultrasound to determine the sex of our baby and today my hubs informed me that since he wont be here anyway until the baby comes that he wants to be surprised.  He said I could find out if I wanted to but I’m torn on what to do.  Part of me wants to know so I can plan but what really do I need to plan?  I already have girl clothes and a few boy clothes left over and its not like I have to change up one of my kids rooms right away the baby will sleep in  my room for a while.  The only reason I really wanted to find out is for my friends.  I have several friends having girls and if im having a boy (which I feel like I am) then I could give them my girl clothes.. but they may just have to miss out on 0-3 mo clothes and I may be surprised too!

My mom is like what I need to know so I can buy clothes if it’s a boy.  My mom buys soo many clothes for these kids its insane! Im thankful she has great taste!  So I told her she could go with me and find out and not tell me and secretly buy what she needs as long as she tells NO ONE but my dad! Lol! I have a month to decide but im leaning toward being surprised!  We already have names picked out and the dr said she should be able to plan c section around my hubs R&R as long as my blood pressure stays in check! 


  1. HUN! i do the same thing. In fact, when I get home I will put on his shirt and smell it. It sounds crazy but it makes the pain of missing him a lot less

  2. Because my husband stateside, even tho he is 1800 miles away, I make him mail me a dirty shirt every couple weeks... I wear it and then wash and return. I don't think this ever gets easier... As for the baby sex, I would LOVE to be surprised, but I just don't have the will power. Plus we have 5 girls on the off chance that we would have a boy, I would have nothing! :)

    I am so excited to find out what you are having, whether it is now or later.

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, stop on by and enter! :)

  3. I wish we would have waited to be suprised with my third. You're right, they're in your room for a while anyway.. I agree with your mom finding out and keeping you in the dark. :) Thank you so much for stopping yb Staying Home and Staying Sane. :) Hopefully you entered the Shrinky Dinks giveaway....that might keep your 18 month old entertained for oh...5 minutes. :) I'm following you back.


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