Sunday, November 11, 2012

24 day biggest loser challenge!

I am so excited to be  joining Brittany of The Denny Buzz on this challenge!!! This post is actually written by her and is full of awesome info! Check it out and join with us!!! 

My family & I started our Advocare journey in August of this year & have had amazing results!  We all feel the best we ever have & look the best we have in a long time!  Since starting Advocare in August, my mom has lost 33 lbs, Shawn (my husband) has lost 30 lbs, my father-in-law has lost 20 lbs, & I have almost reached my goal with 14 lbs lost!  This has truly been a life-changer for us & it was an EASY and completely do-able way for us to change our old habits into new and healthy ones!

We are starting a Group 24 Day Challenge the day after Thanksgiving!  Misty, from Monkeys and Tutus, will be joining us in this challenge and we'd love to have you too!  To make it fun we are throwing in an incentive!  A Visa Gift Card for the Biggest Loser!

What is the 24 Day Challenge??

It is a comprehensive weight-loss system that can help you achieve your weight-loss goals or break through a plateau.  Days 1-10 is the Cleanse Phase which cleanses your body & prepares it for optimal nutrient absorption.  It's a gentle cleanse & we started feeling the benefits immediately!  Days 11-24 is the Max Phase which equips your body with tools to help you reach your personal goals.

What is the cleanse like?  

This was my first question when I started looking into the challenge because I've always been afraid of a cleanse!  I picture it being miserable and being stuck in the bathroom for days.  WRONG!  This cleanse is so gentle and it does not prohibit you from going to work or doing the things you need to do.  The best part is that you will start seeing results and starting feeling a lot better.

Can I eat while doing the challenge?  

YES!  There is a meal plan you follow for days 1-10 and then another plan that you follow days 11-24.  I am a picky eater and the meal plan is totally do-able for me.  We have actually continued to follow the meal plan for days 11-24 after we completed the challenge because it had become such a natural part of our life.  

What kind of products do you take during it?

During days 1-10 you take the following:

**Herbal Cleanse - (1) Fiber Drink - This is a powder that you gently stir in a glass of water and drink in the mornings before you eat on days 1-3 and 7-10.  (2) Days 1-7 you will take an herbal cleanse tablet and days 4-10 you take a probiotic pill.

**Spark - A sugar-free drink that provides fast-acting and long-lasting energy.  It contains 21 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and helps sharpen mental focus. (flavors are fruit punch, mandarin orange, mango strawberry, cherry, grape, pink lemonade and citrus)  

**OmegaPlex -  Provides essential fatty acids for increased overall wellness.

During days 11-24 you take the following:

**Meal Replacement Shake - You drink this for breakfast and it provides complete nutrition in a delicious shake!  (flavors are chocolate, vanilla, mocha chocolate, berry)  

**MNS - This is a pack of pills that's divided up between before breakfast, with breakfast, before lunch, and with lunch.  There are three different ones to choose from:  MNS-Max 3, MNS Max E, or MNS Max C.  

**Spark - see above

I'm interested, now what?

Contact me ASAP at with any questions and for information on the next step!  To get you your order in time, please contact me ASAP or by Thursday, 11/15, so we can have it to you in time.

We hope to have you join us in the upcoming challenge!  You won't regret it!

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  1. I so, so, soooo want to try this. I want to email them, because i'm kinda assuming you can't or shouldn't do it when you're nursing:/ Good luck to you, you can do it!

  2. I wish I could have seen this sooner because I really could use it, good luck!

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