Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy busy busy!

Last night was my bffs bachelorette slumber party and omg it was the best! It was just a lot if advice sharing and stories and watching crazy funny YouTube videos and Mexican food and cake and just oh so much fun good clean until 4am! Her cake was totally awesome! Pics below!
I got to reconnect and get some amazing parenting advice from an old friend who I adore and it was beautiful to get a break from the kids and house work for a few hours!
I really wanted to share some of the fun advice that was shared at the party but most of it was a lil, well, kinky ha! So idk if I'm brave enough!

It's so funny how very much I miss my hubs when we are apart! He's the best and I'm so thankful to be so in love!

I'm still blogging from my phone thanks to my broken lap top and no money to fix it any time soon so yay! Ha! Lots coming up this week though!
Tomorrow I have some exciting health news to share with you! And a fun new challenge that I'm doing soon with the help of Brittany of The Denny Buzz! I'll share the info tomorrow!
Monday is the oh so fun mommy moments link up and I hope you will link up and meet some fun new mommy friends lots more coming up this week!

I have tons to do today and I really want to start reading this awesome book that I got as a prize from Danette of All My Love For All My Days! Check her out in my side bar! She's awesome!

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  1. Cute party :-) I'm so glad you won that book, it's on my list and I can't wait to get it soon! Thanks for the follow on Twitter!


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