Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stay at home mom?! Change of perspective

It is so easy to take being able to stay at home for granted. Especially the bad days! The days like today when my almost 3 year old pees on the bathroom floor 2 times and said dont pee on the floor that's not nice! Followed by unrolling the entire last roll of tolite paper onto the wet floor and then wiping poop all over the wall a d his chest trying to get it off his fingers...
Or the fact that I've had to vacuum 3x because cloee decided to take a brand new just opened box of Cheerios odd the counter and dump it allll over the floor while I was in the garage changing the laundry. As soon as I got it all cleaned up and started to rock jaxsen she did the same thing with a bag of gold fish lol!
I've been trying to decide if I should start working part time for a while now. I'd really like to find something I could do from home but have her to find that. Yesterday an opportunity to workout side the home came to me.
At first I was going to be working 5 eves 5-10 and all day on Tuesday. Last night when it was time to put the kids to bed I broke down!
Putting the kids to bed can easily be taken for granted but when faced with the possibility of not getting to do it 4-5 nights a week perspective can change so fast!
While reading Benjamin a book I fought the tears the whole time. I even let him stay up extra late just for some special snuggles!
My mind started turning as did my hubs. Not only does he work full time but he also takes online classes full time id have to walk out the door every day when he came home, his homework would likely suffer bc it would be hard for him to take care of the kids and do homework every night etc...
After we talked it out we decided that was to much to work and I'd just do 2-3 days and only short term, like through the holidays.
Ahhh the weight had been lifted! Luckily the girl I'm going to be working for is a long time friend and is totally amazing and willing to work with me! It will be great to have some extra income and get out of the house a little! I'm sure It will actually be like a vacation every time I go! Ha

But the paradigm shift really took place knowing that I should cherish every moment and not take getting to be home for granted ever!

There will always be days where I will want to pull my hair out, where I'm short with them, where I just want a break but overall my life is beautiful. I am so very blessed to have a hubs that wants me to stay home, who works so very hard for his family and who I love more than anything and miss every minute we are apart.

Now I gotta hurry and finish cleaning house before he gets home! In challenged to be a better House wife! To work harder for the loves of my life and to continue to remember that they are my ministry and I can do everything even clean up pee with joy knowing I'm blessed beyond anything I ever imagined!

Here are some fun pics of my sweet family! Love them!
I can't really caption them bc I'm blogging from my iPhone but I will try to go in later and make it more uniformed!


  1. I am having one of those hair pulling out days too! My babies are into everything! It can be so hard sometimes. Good luck with the job

  2. My husband works nights and when he is off on the weekends he puts Mackenzie to bed. He missed that the most!
    Also that's been my hold up for going back to work.....the passing him as I'd get home he'd be gone if I worked a full time job.
    Enjoy the few days you'll get out of the house!!

  3. I love the cheerios picture, it made me giggle, Such a cute family you have on your hands! Going back to work definitely seems tough, heck I haven't left my daughter for more than a couple hours so far!

  4. Some days it can be so tough being at home hey! Good luck with your job. The cheerios photo is classic! I can definitely relate to that :)

  5. Awesome pics. I work part-time. I teach Mon and Tues. It really is the best of both worlds. I get my I'm-accomplishing-something time and my mommy time! Well wishes!!!

  6. I really liked the photo of your little miss at the playground. She's such a ham. Thanks for stopping by for {MMM}, Misty.


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