Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crazy sleeping toddler fun

This Video is Exactly Benjamin!

So I have to share a sleeping pic of each of my kids and tell you the insanity that surrounds!

First there is Benjamin, the oldest! Our 3 year old! He has to have very specific things in his bed and a very specific routine!
He must have all 27 dinosaurs in his bed! Most are 2 inches tall or less but one is like 2 feet tall! Lol
Then all his sports ball pillows, the cast of Toy Story, 4 very large monkeys, several small pillows and his tiger bebe!

Then there is Princess Cloee! Shes 2 and she has to sleep in her princess castle! And inside her castle she has 4-5 blankets, all 6 of her Minnie Mouses, an assortment of zebras an elephant and which ever other thing she has favored for the day!

Then you have our sweet little cosleeper who refuses to sleep alone... Its sweet until you get a foot in the neck! hahaha

Are anyone elses kids this crazy? lol!  Some days I wonder! hahah


  1. haha these pictures are too funny. :) Have a great day!

  2. LOL, why yes, I woke up to two feet in my neck this morning! If only I could convince her that sleeping in a castle would be SO much fun.


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