Monday, February 25, 2013

Weight or Inches

I am so thankful to have found an amazing group of inspirational gals at the Slim By Summer Challenge!  Even on weeks like this past week where I haven't done well at all I still count on their inspiration and motivation! 

This weeks top is....

When your overall goal is to lose 100 lbs it really is all about the weight!  Of course I want to see inches come off as well but for the sake of health I am focused more on actual 'weight'.  Its time to start busting some serious fat cells and get control!
This past month has been such a HUGE challenge for me.  We make plans and give in the next day!  My hubs and I have both gained a good amount of weight in the past year! Too much ice cream, soda, chips etc! Bleh!  What we really need is a healthy reset!

Tomorrow we are starting the 24 day challenge through AdvoCare!  I planned to do it in after Thanksgiving but with my bffs wedding and new job and christmas it just didnt happen but this time its gonna be great! My hubs and I are doing it together, we have a specific daily meal plan and we got rid of all the crud in our house!  

I actually measured myself the other day.. but I coulndt find my body measure so i opened up a tape measure sit it flat on the counter and measured myself with a ribbon then put the ribbon on the tape measure!  Its one thing to wrap that thing all the way around yourself but to see it laid out flat and how much space it takes up! OMG!  Yuck!

Im excited for the challenge and to link up with the Slim by Summer Challenge and read up on how everyone else is doing!!!  


  1. I am so glad you are a part of the group! We are going to move mountains together!

    Have you ever tried doing a cleanse? It can be a good way to reboot your system without feeling like you are going to die from the idea of never having your favorite foods again...just an idea!

  2. So glad you are part of this group! You will do amazing things. :)

  3. Awesome and sounds like you have a great plan to do this, too :)

  4. Ok ... genius right there! Why didn't I think of that. I always make excuses for not measuring myself because of no measuring tape. Tape measure and ribbon (I'm such an idiot!)

    Anyways ~ you will do amazing because your hubby is helping out too! Good luck mama! Can't wait to read about the results.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. All I know is your doing FANTSTIC thats all I know

  6. I think I remember reading Lanaya's post about it being a really great group of people! Good luck!! I know the last couple of pounds are usually hard, so hopefully you can start off with a bang and keep that momentum. Looking forward to seeing your progress!! (:

  7. So glad that you are part of the group! I started 100 lbs up, but now I'm 30 pounds down. They are extremely supportive.


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