Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini Vaca! In the Hospital booo

Monday I was sure I must have been having appendicitis because of the crazy pain I was having on top of not being able to keep anything down etc..
I went to the ER and after a cat scan and other tests my appendix was fine but it looks like the dreaded return of Cronhs!  Boo! 
I was diagnosed with Cronhs disease in 2008 and it was pretty bad for several months!  

I have now been here for 2 days and I am hoping I get to go home this eve but I dont know if thats going to happen.  They gave me good meds that just made me itchy then they gave me crap that didnt help at all now they are giving me morphine which just makes me have a headache! grrr

I'm enjoying the randomness of cable tv but missing my hubs and babies like crazy!


  1. Sending lots of prayers your way! Hugs!

  2. Oh sweetie ... I am sorry! Get some rest and feel better soon so you can get back to that beautiful family of yours!
    Damn the meds ... they never help! Ugh!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. :(

    I'm so sorry. That's terrible.


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