Friday, October 25, 2013

No more fruit juice or milk for our kids!

This week I have been attending the Real Food Con online from Underground Wellness and I have learned so much! My hubs has been watching with me and he finally gets it and change is so happening in this house!  One thing I have really been struggling with is my kids eating habits!  I know every mommy deals with the dreaded food table drama and I swear I have the pickiest eaters ever!  One of the broadcasts I listened to was from The Wellness Mama and she talked about how one of the ways she saves money is by not buying drinks and using the saved money on healthier options!  Most people, me included always say we cant afford to eat healthy but there are ways to work it out and we are learning!
this is an unscripted pic of my kids chowing down on ice cream! eek! 

In a general month we spend at least $100 on juice and milk!  I know juice isn't great and I have fallen into the habit of giving the kids way to much juice.  They were at the point of rarely drinking water alone.  It was always water mixed with some juice! eeks!  Any way I made the decision the other day no more juice and day 1 was awful!  They cried and whined and whimpered!  Day 2 was a little better but still some fuss and today, day 3, they were actually asking for ice water!  Wahoo! Success!!!

I got a big pitcher, filled it with water and added some fresh orange, lemon & lime slices and keep it in the fridge!  Today I have refilled it 3 times with the 5 of us drinking it constantly!  Its delicious and refreshing and thank God my kids like it!

We also gave up milk!  I noticed in our oldest that he was having severe diarrhea and after 2 weeks of testing it out it really seems to be limited to the milk!  He had it for days I took milk away and it stopped.  When it cleared up I gave him milk again and in a day he had it again.  So we are totally away from cows milk and onto coconut milk!  It actuallly has more calcium thank cows milk and the amount of hormones in regular milk is sick! 

In another Real Food Con session I found Dr. Axe! Holy cow he has some good information!  He said that studies show that normal store bought milk contains 20 different chemicals and medications!  5 different types of steriods and growth hormones along with a lot of other sick stuff! Yuck!  No more for us!

Very exciting changes to a healthier lifestyle! Its not gonna happen over night but its a process and the outcome is going to be wonderful! The goal is to Just Eat Real Food!  


  1. Putting all the fruit slices in the water is such a great idea!! Glad your kids are digging the water.

  2. Oooh! I love the infused water! That might be a great idea for our family


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