Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quick Daniel Fast Recipe - Asian Style

Yesterday was a great day one!  There were some temptations that came and I had to make choices to stop and pray through those temptations and find my strength in Jesus to just say no to my need for soda and chocolate!  I'm proud I made it through day one with no cheats but I only was able to do it because I stopped and prayed through and shifted my focus form I want, I need, I think I deserve to prayer and relied on the holy spirit to give me strength to make the right choices.  

Today's lunch was pretty yummy and I wanted to share the simple quick recipe with you! and yes I ate them with chopsticks! It makes me feel cool!

I call it... Veggie Inside Out Eggrolls... or something like that! ha

1 Onion (sliced, diced or however you like em)
1 tbs coconut oil (for sauteing onions and mushrooms) 
1 head of cabbage or 1 large bag of cabbage or cole slaw mix
Coconut Aminos to taste
Seasonings to taste - I used about 1 tsp of turmeric! 

First I sliced up some onion and sauteed them it with mushrooms in a lil bit of coconut oil and turmeric!
Then added cabbage and aminos and stir fried until cabbage was slightly softened.

Normally this is how I make eggrolls - just add meat and wrap up but being on the fast this was a yummy great way to have one of my favs

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