Monday, August 6, 2012

911 saved my baby, a week later I did the same

I have always been that mom who didnt care if her kids ate in the living room.  I know tons of people who make food stay in the kitchen but I just have never been that way.  I grew up eating more meals in the living room on a TV tray then in the kitchen.  My kids usually eat their meals in their seats but often eat snacks in the living room. 
I am pretty sure that if I opened up my vacuum bag it would consist of puffs, gold fish, cheese its and cheerios.  Well my perception totally changed last Sunday!
I was sitting on the couch and the kids were playing right in front of me while snacking on some cheerios.  My 9 month old, who often eats cheerios with no problem, all the sudden started choking.  When I say choking, i dont mean swallowed wrong and coughing a little, I mean full on choking, face turning colors, not able to breathe choking!
I picked him up and was hitting him on the back, searching his mouth etc, he puked up some cheerios but still was not breathing.  I immediately called 911.  The lady walked me through infant CPR and after I laid him on his back and gave him several pumps he started breathing right as the Police came rushing through the door.  The police were here in less than 3 minutes, which made me incredibly happy.  He came in and checked him out and cancelled the paramedics.  By that time Jax was smiling and happy and acting like nothing ever happened.
Through the rush of adrenaline i was surprisingly calm but as soon as he left I burst into tears. 
Its so easy to think Oh that will never happen to me, and I have often thought that. But over the last 2 years I have known someone that was killed in a plane crash, car crash, boat crash, leukemia, cancer, overdose & brain tumor.  Life is short and I am learning to never take it for granted!
Last week while browsing Pinterest I came across this pin
It saved me last night during dinner!  We were out to eat after church and when my hubs stepped away to the bathroom, Jax started choking on a lil piece of tortilla.  He was gagging and turned red and i pulled him out of his chair and did just as illustrated above!  He puked ALLLLLLL over and was fine.  I was covered in puke, our bag and Jax were covered in puke but it was ok because he was ok.  It is so important to know how to help your baby if something like this should happen!
Needless to say I am pretty sure he isnt having any more things that arent totally pureed for quite a while!


  1. Wow! I'm so glad that a pin saved you guys! I think that your story and diagram will help others too! Following you back!

  2. Oh my goodness. How scary! I am new here from the blog hop and am so glad everything is ok!

  3. That's so scary! I'm always paranoid that my son is going to choke on something. Glad that pin and 911 helped you out!
    New follower from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  4. hey girl! Thanks so much for coming by today and for the follow. I'm so glad you did so I could find your cute blog.

    This is so scary. I have a 20 month old and one on the way due any day now (hopefully). and you are right it's so important to know how to take care of them in emergancy situations.
    thanks for the reminder and so glad your cutie is ok!


  5. OMG, talk about scary. Good on you for keeping your wits about you. It's funny as I am actually booked into a first aid course next weekend. LOL Thanks for joining in on the bloghop!

  6. This is so scary. My 16 month old has always been particularly chokey, we've had a couple big back whacks through the months. We also just had our first big scare this week! She was eating of all things a frozen gogurt. (Those yogurts in a stick from the freezer) She bit of a chunk that was too big and it got stuck. I was terrible and I was a second from 911 when she cleared it. This is such a good pin to share!

    (We were in the 2 under 2 club in our house ;) New follower from the nice to meet you hop, hope to "see you" around!)

  7. Wow! What a relief! And how scarey! So good to hear that you were able to take the proper actions required to assist your little one in helping him regain his lively composure! I can understand the break down afterward....
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  8. wow that must've been so scary!! if that was my baby i'd probably puree all of his food forever!

    Thanks for visiting and I'm following you back on GFC :)


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