Sunday, August 26, 2012

Always Wear Spanx Fat Girl Fail

Well its that day where I talk about weight loss.  This past week was one big EPIC FAIL
Seriously that saying is so stupid and totally overused but somehow I end up using it because, well, it fits.
Even though it was mostly a big ole fail, today is a new day and...
found this on pinterest a long time ago but the source is now gone?  But love the saying!

My goals for this past week were no soda, no chips and no sugar, well...
I only had 1 diet dr pepper (which was totally NOT worth it)
I had chips on several occasions - I blame my dad! (Yea, I know you read this! NO MORE CHIPS!)  He works for a chip distruibitor and I blame him for my chip demise and told him no more chips!
As for sugar... Well my hubs got ice cream for us one day maybe 2 I dont even remember, I had bad pms and in search of anything chocolate i stole the oreos out of my kids lunchable and yea again another fail!

We bought Jillains 30 day shred and got up early to start this morning and we couldnt find the dvd remote.  My guess is our sweet little princess threw it away? Anyway the dvd menu starts on recommendations and you cant get to the workout with out the remote so yet another fail!

Last night we went to church and I always tend to overdress (our church is totally casual) but hey when else do I get to dress up?  I ended up in boots because one I am so ready for fall and two all my black heels are open toed for some reason and my toenails arent done.  We all kinda matched so I asked my dad to take a pic and low and behold I forgot to wear my sucky inny thingy and the pic was fat tummy city.. GRRR
So yeah my total fat girl fail moment says always wear spanxs and my pics wont turn out like this, hello fat tummy! I blame my hubs for knocking me up 3 times in a row with little to no recovery time in between each!

Thanks so my new InstaCollage App i hid the fat with some silly stick on balloons! So stupid but hey it worked hahaha! 

I know a lot of people dont like the term fat but Ive said it before and Ill say it again.. It is what it is... Its not meant as bad or derogatory. I love this from Dr Phil just because its blunt and sometimes what I need!  haha Thanks Dr Phil! I think I should post this on my fridge???


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  1. ok - the more I read around, the more I love your blog! I'm not blogging about weight loss at the moment (mainly because I am not doing anything about it at the moment) But two pregnancies and three babies in under two years has left me with a flubbler belly and no discern-able shape. I snack on sugar to keep myself awake and have no spare moment for exercise. But I also have no pants (that aren't maternity) that will fit me this fall - something needs to be done STAT!!!!


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