Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mommy Hair Epic Fail

Any other stay at home moms ever have a day where you absolutely dont have time to take a shower? How about 2 days in a row?  I know I am not the only one.  Or how about have time to get take a shower but dont have time to do your hair?  I have been growing my hair out for a year and am finally in the stage where I can pull it up.  The problem is I absolutely can not rock a pony tail for anything!  I envy those of you who can rock cute pony tails, buns etc!     
In my moms marital advice to me one of her things was always get ready, always take a shower, always look your best for your hubs etc.  However being a mommy of 3 under 3 it just doesnt always work out. The other day I stopped by a fellow mommy of 3 lilttle ones house to drop off something and she was totally rocking the high messy bun! I knew she was having a busy day but dang she totally looked great with her high messy bun and greasy hair! Why oh Why can I not pull this off?  I dont think its that bad? Do you? haha
So today we needed to run to the Sams (which is an okie version of costco) I thought I could rock a high messy bun and some yoga pants and a tank. Aparently I was wrong hahaha!
Anyone seen the episode of King of Queens where Carrie is always wearing a bun and it totally disgusts Doug? He cant look at her with out getting turned off etc.  Now I have to wonder if my hubs feels that way about my pony tails.  He would never tell me if he did because he is just to amazing. 
To prove a point I took a good hour to get ready and wore a dress to the store haha! Men have it so easy! They dont have to blow dry, straighten hair, put on make up etc. Anyways Heres how I ended up at the store!

So whats your favorite Mama Look? 


  1. Too cute! I hear you on the "hair situation"...mine always ends up in a pony or messy bun and I do not "rock" the look :(
    Following from the welcome Wednesday linkup. I hope you'll stop by my blog.
    Rhiannon @ beingmomme.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for following! I am already following you yay!
      Glad that to know there are others who are like me! I always feel like im the only one!

  2. You look pretty amazing to me! My hair is always up in a knot
    Happy Little Feet

  3. Hey there! Coming to ya from the Return the Favor blog hop. Looking forward to getting to know you and following your blog around. :D I blog over at dalaynadillon.blogspot.com Talk to ya soon!

    1. Thanks for following! Love your blog and following you back! looking forward to reading more!

  4. Having hair dilemmas here too....I've been growing my hair for. ev. er. and now it's too long to manage, and I've never been good at doing anything interesting with my hair (messy pony tail for me every day)..... your hair looks cute! :)


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