Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hair Emergency and a Starbucks Giveaway

I am having a total hair crisis.  I need help!  Im gonna show you some of my recent styles let you help me make the decision on where to go next! As a reward for helping me you can enter to win a Starbucks Gift Card! Haha! 
I was born blonde, really really blonde, grew up blonde when I hit puberty my hair slowly started getting darker and darker.  I have been coloring it since I was at least 18 and I have NO idea what my natural color is any more.  I kept it blonde for a long time and about 5 years ago I went to the dark side. 
 Ive been red (awful on me), black, brown, I even had a skunk do at one point EEK
Here is my current color and I totally hate it.  I tried to go back blonde a few months ago and had a horrid experience that included over 4 hours at the salon and coming out with horrid chemical burns after that went back to a different stylist and she is having to take getting my hair fixed in two steps.  We havnt finished fixing the giant mess up but when we do it will just be blonder.  So I can go even a little blonder or somewhere else?
While this may look ok this was the day i got it done.. now it looks more like this

This is more the every day awfulness 
I have been trying to grow out my hair for over a year and the longer it gets the more I wanna cut it.  With kids constantly pulling on it I end up pulling it up all the time and my hubs doesnt like it when I wear my 'mommy hair'
Here are some looks over the past few years
1. When we were dating LOVED this

2 after I had my monkey
3 right before we had the princess

4 right after we had teh princess

5 right before deployment

6 actually this was right before deployment

7 valentines 10

8 right after i had jax

9 right after deployment

9 same as above just from the back loved this but hubs really didnt

10 this is my fav ever but when we tried to recreate it we got this mess below

11 ugh vacation with the hubs

12 short brown with highlight love this too

Ok so what do you think?  You can vote in the giveaway and enter to win a Starbucks Gift Card!
OH and here are a few ideas i have that I like haha
Im kinda thinking brown with highlights and a chunk of blue? haha IDK
These are all on my Pinterest Hair Board


15 love her  random hair

Ok Vote away and Good Luck!!!
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  1. love the dark on you - maybe with the highlights. All the cut with a really well cut side swept bang flatter your face so well!

  2. I have hair envy!! I like the dark one (your fave) but I can see how it could be an issue to recreate. #13 is nice too!

    Thanks for participating in our Wednesday Walkabout!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells (

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  4. i prefer the dark with highlights :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  5. I love your favorite too! I'm currently trying to grow my hair out & it's driving me crazy! I've only colored it like once in the last 5 ish months, you're making me want to do something new!

  6. I love the dark best, but you look beautiful in all shades...lucky girl!!!

  7. I do really like the dark hair in #10, but I am also really loving the color in #14. :)
    Have you ever thought of maybe going a deep auburn? That could be pretty too!

  8. 1 and 10 are my faves. The lightest and the darkest lol. So, I think 13 would be cool because it's got the dark undertones and then the big, chunky blonde highlights! Coming over from the hop!

  9. The same exact thing happens to my hair after I get it cut (side swept) get hair pomade (you don't have to get the expensive kind) I just get what ever is on sale at Target and after you take a shower form your bangs the way you want. Sometimes you may need to pin back with a bobby pin but it works :-) its super easy

  10. I like dark! I think the darker the better!

  11. Hi! I'm here from the walkabout, I look forward to reading more! :) Have a great weekend.

    Jen @
    The Adventures of our Army Life

  12. I really like the cut in #1! Just found your blog from the Mingle With Us Blog hop. So glad I stopped by :)

    Please come visit if you have a chance!

    Hilary @

  13. I LOVED the cuts in #1 & #5.. I think Darker with a few blonde chunky highlights just in the front though.. Please follow me, I'm a new blogger and could use some new friends..Thanks and good luck with your hair.

  14. 13 is super cute & will look super cute on you!

  15. I love 10, but I also love 15. Seriously when Kate started with the random blue I was so confused but over time it has totally grown on me.

  16. I love #1. I also make a lot of changes to my hair. I have had four girls, and recently I decided to do it the same as when we dated. It has reminded me of who I was before all of the kids..and bills..etc. My husband also loves it because I look like I did when we dated. I will change it again, but this has made me feel like the old me. I also like how it looks. That cut made your face really beautiful! I think anything you do will look great. I loved them all!

  17. Hey :)

    Just found you via the Friday Chaos Blog Hop :) I look forward to becoming friends with you and interacting more :)

    Life in a Break Down

  18. I love the top one the day you had it done and also love #9.

  19. I love the chunky highlights style! :)

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  20. I like the dark styles best, but you have great hair and can pull off all shades - lucky girl! I like 10 the best, but also think the highlights would look great too!

  21. I think #10 is best. There's also a lot to be said for just growing it out and finding your real color and going from there!

  22. I like #10 best but I also like 6.

  23. I like the #3 cut, but not as dark. Maybe a light brown? Something easy to maintain. Good luck with the cutting!


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