Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Busy Wall

I am supposed to be cleaning for company tonight but craft inspiration  set it and its all i have been doing all day!
My first project was an EPIC FAIL! I will share once I can fix it.
I am really excited about my Princesses Busy Wall!
This was her boring wall before

And this is her wall now!

I still want to add more to make it busier but I am waiting on more lids from my mom.  The 3 things in the middle bottom are just shoe box lids covered with fabric and id like to have some more of those!
I moved her princess sign down where she could reach so she can hang her bag, purse, jacket etc on them!
I hung up the very first tutu I made and also made the fun little pic display in the middle.
I just got a cork board and cut fabric to fit, pinned it on and hot glued on ribbon and a flower then pinned on some fun pics

Also wanted to share my new fun little pic hanging idea
I got this sparkle gule that wipes right off and put a dab on the back of the frame where the nails go and then stick it to the wall and then i know exactly where to hang the nails!!!


  1. Cute busy wall! I have to admit that I've been neglectful in the craftiness department lately! Hard to balance it all!

    1. I am usually neglectful as well but sometines motivation hits and everything else falls to the wayside, like the laundry that is stareing me in the face!

  2. Wow, you did a really good job! Busy, but not too full. Nice trick with the glue too :) New follower, would love the follow back!

    My Musings

  3. LOVE it and it's lit a fire under my bum to hang my girl's pretty things I've been collecting for their busy walls! Good for you in jumping in when you felt the urge to create! That's the best!

    Thanks so much for linkin up with me last week! Hope you link up again on Sunday!
    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. I love the fabric you used on that picture board!


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