Saturday, May 11, 2013


Ok seriously? This is all I ever want haha


If I have learned anything around my house there has to be specifics with this request... 

For example.. When I say 'sleep in' I actually mean until I wake up on my own with no one coming in to see if im still sleeping or to ask when im getting up... I mean like if I somehow sleep till 2pm then thats cool because thats a real present! LOL

Alone time - As in let me take a bubble bath with everyone out of the house so that I dont have Benjamin coming to pee 3x, cloee 2x and daddy coming in to take a pooh while im trying to relax.. Alone time as in run me a hot bath, fill it with rose petals and bubbles, light some candles, turn on some celine deon and let me enjoy peace and quiet for 45 mins and please bring me back some chocolate or starbucks :)

Eat with two hands - Psssh I dont care about 2 hands I just want to eat with out being climbed on, begged off of, pulled on and without having to get up 24x to tend to poop, pee, messes, get me some juice, I need milk or multiple time outs and fights!

Audience free as in Please let me take a pooh with out someone standing in front of me saying mommy i gotta potty! Hurry UP its my turn! Oh you took to long so now i pee on the floor! Or sorry mommy I unrolled the entire roll of TP onto the floor because I wanted the center part to make a telescope so now you can drip dry because of course that was the last roll! 

Hahah funny but seriously! Not every day.. Just one special day!!!

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  1. I think this is every mother's perfect gift. I'd kill for nap times to be synchronized and a few hours of quiet.

  2. I am first time mama but i can already relate! This is hilarious!

  3. I am just going to email my husband this pst and tell him this sums up what I want for mothers day.


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