Friday, May 10, 2013

The good, the bad and Mommy I peed in my hair!

DUDE! If I ever thought it was rough when I had a 24 month old, a 12 month old, a new born and a husband in Afghanistan was hard.. that was nothing compared to having 3 toddlers all at one time! LOL
Yeah yeah I said dude!  Its one of those annoying words I obsessively overuse! 
So anyway I was sitting in a lawn chair enjoying the beautiful day while watching my kids play 
outside when my 3 1/2 year old stops to go in to potty.  He comes out afterwards, stands besides me, hair dripping... and says, Mommy! I peed in my hair!
Knowing this is pretty close to impossible i said Benjamin, how how did you pee in your hair ? 
He said Because I wanted to! I said no how?  He said... 
I dunked my head  in the toilet! 
OMG! Why?! Boys will be boys?  YUCK!  And I just caught him trying to do it again!  He peed then bent over, head first! Luckily I just happened to walk in and stopped him a millisecond before his hair touched the pee pee filled water!  
This is Benjamin and Cloee.. They are trying to knock some leafs out of the tree while saying "Mommy! Get the salad down! I want some salad!  Salad come here! I want salad!!!!  And below is Cloee after she managed to knock some 'salad' down!  She quickly discovered it does not taste the same as salad we make in the house! LOL Crazy Princess!!!
Im pretty sure most of my 'prim and proper' fam and friends are somewhat shocked by my facebook statues this week... Heres a few of the more crazy (but oh so true) ones
Nothing like going in to check on your 2 yr old princess who is suppose to be going potty, only to find her holding daddy's stinky old spice deodorant... She had already applied it to 97% of her body!

>Driving down the road I felt like something was crawling in my pants... I scratched and before long I realize I had a bug in my pants now between my fingers and wiggling! I started to freak and when we came to a stop light I quickly yanked my pants off and gave them to Benjamin Karl Sanders who searches my pants for the culprit and says oh It's just one those scorpion bugs! WHAT?!!! It was actually nothing like a scorpion but OMg ! There was a bug in my pants!!!!

>Benjamin thinks cutting nails is the worst thing in the world! He was just sitting in the couch chewing on his toe nails I said Benjamin that's nasty! He said I no wanna cut nails so I eat them! Lol ewwww

>Benjamin said mommy come see! I drew something incredible! He took me to the chalk board and I said wow incredible then he said come in the living room! It's even more incredible! He drew allll over the entertainment center! I said Benjamin that is not incredible that's bad! He said but mommy! I drew a road for my cars! Luckily chalk wipes right away!

>UGH that moment when you ask your 18 month whats him his mouth, followed by get your handout of your crack, followed by OMG! WE DONT EAT POOP! sick!!!!!
But of course among the craziness, the poop, cleaning up pee and all the insanity there are fun sweet moments like this...

Yes some days are nasty, some days are beyond stressful and annoying but I love  ... wait...
As I was typing how i love my crazy life my princess came up to me and said.. Mommy I need a wipe... Her hand was covered in poop... as she said in the cutest lil voice ever.. Mommy I pooped in my panties again :( Oh the joys!!!!! Yes I really do love my crazy nasty messy make me wanna puke daily life filled with 3 of the craziest, cutest, sweetest, messiest, stinkiest...... lil loves! hahah!


  1. I followed your link from Facebook. I'm an expectant mom of 2 under the age of 4 & my 3rd is due in august. I can relate to this post (had a "Mommy, I peed in my hair" experience not too long ago as well). Feel free to swing by my blog sometime :D


  2. I'm dying reading this post. I only have one toddler and want to pull my hair out. Love that you keep it real!

  3. I love your honesty, it's the best!

  4. Oh man, I'm tired reading this!! I have 2 kids, but they are spaced apart. One is 11, the other 6. I did it that way because I knew I couldn't handle this. I'm an only child so my patience runs very, very thin indeed...

  5. I love seeing all your pictures on Instagram ... and I love all the changes on the blog. It's like a new design each week ~ keeps it fresh! xoxo

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. Yes, my kids have peed on their heads... yes, one put poo in their own mouth, and yes I TOTALLY understand. It is gross, exhausting, frustrating, and absolutely amazing :) You're doing a great job!!


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