Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best Steak You Ever Had! Oh and a Secret Ingredient share too!

I am totally not exaggerating when I say 'The Best Steak You Ever Had' I used to think my dad made the best steak ever then I told my husband a few tricks my dad did and he started making the best steaks ever!
Heres our secret...

 This is simply the most yummy marinade ever and let me tell you.. We always marinade for at least 48 hours! It makes it sooo tender and every bite is infused with the yumminess!
 My hubs is such a good sport! Here is is with all the necessities to grill the best steak ever!
 We always pour all the extra marinade in a bowl and baste the steaks with every turn! We generally always do ribeyes! YUM
The trick is to first do each side for 5 minutes then turn the steaks every 3 minutes until done to your liking!
This makes the most tender, perfect steak ever!
 I am also a fan of mushrooms and onions with my steak!  I saute in a lil bit of butter and my special secret  ingredient that I generally try to add to as many things as I can because I love the flavor!...
 Yep this is it..... My secret ingredient! lol its so yummy!

And there you have it... The best steak ever!  Marinade for 48 hours, turn every 3 minutes and enjoy!

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  1. I love those marinades!!!! They are awesome!

  2. Omg!! This looks amazing!! I'm starving thanks to this post!! (:


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