Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheesy, Corney and a little overboard but thats okay!

Ben comes home tomorrow! I am so excited I can hardly think straight!  Though its only been a short week in the grand scheme of what is to come, I truly miss him sooo much!  He is absolutely my best friend and I am so blessed to know that God gave me such a great husband and such a wonderful daddy for our kids!!! Benjamin & soon to come Chloee are truly blessed to have a father who takes time for them and wants to be a part and loves them as much as Ben does.  Watching Ben play with Benjamin makes me love him all the more! 

I can hardly believe that at the beginning of next year he will be leaving us for an entire year in Afghanistan, but beyond all the emotions and fears I am simply a proud Army Wife.  Ben truly loves his country and is willing to make such huge sacrifices to fight to protect our freedom.  I never imagined I could love someone so much!  I for sure never imagined that I would be an Army Wife! Actually I'm pretty sure I said 'never' on several occasions!  I love that Gods plans are higher and his timing is perfect.  Though I can never fully understand the depths of what God does for us I am humbled to know that he loved me so much he brought me an amazing man to share my life with and gave us such a beautiful baby (and soon to be another one!!!!)  I have sooo many plans for the next several months we have together and I cant wait to cherish and love every minute we get to spend together!  I tear up at the simple thought of him leaving for year, not bc im scared or worried but just simply bc I will miss him!  Of course I have the occasional breakdown of  wondering how I'm gonna lug 2 lil babies around alone, I know that Bens love gives me strength.  I guess we are considered odd bc we spend all our time together and rarely apart and we've become the butt of several jokes bc of having Benjamin and Chloee so close together, but thats okay!  I love Ben with all I've got and if that makes us odd, or not the conventional married couple then great!  I don't ever want to fall into the drudge of every day life where we just walk through the day taking each other for granted!  I dont mind being corny or cheesey if it means we are happy and full of love!  

I am so proud of my husband! Every day he takes steps toward growth and progress and being a better husband and father and I couldn't ask for more! Is he perfect? No, hes not Jesus! But he is perfect for me! And I truly thank God every day for bringing us together, for giving me such an amazing best friend and a love that is more than I ever knew possible!  Yea were cheesy and yes I do call him 'Baby' ALL the time and yea we are probably a little overboard (never go bowling with us, we will embarrass you and make you think we are sick lil teenagers in love) but we have fun and were married so ya know ;) we can do whatever we want! Haha!  Sooooooo excited! Cant wait to see my sexy soldier and have the best next few months together ever!!!!  I love you Ben Sanders, with all my heart!


  1. Daniel and I have been together almost 8 years and we still spend almost all of our time together, we hardly have outside friends. He is my best friend and I love having our babies close together. I am happy with what I have and it sounds like u are as well.

  2. My boyfriend leaves VERY soon for Afghanistan. He'll be gone for a year as well.

  3. Hey! I left a blog award for you over on my blog. :)

  4. When people say rude things to you about having your children so close together remind them that it is God who chooses when we have children and that they are a reward which you are glad to receive at ANY time.

    "Behold, children are a gift of the LORD. The fruit of the womb is a reward." Psalm 127:3

  5. Thanks for following my blog :) Always love meeting other wives married to a Ben ;) Sounds like we will be having babies at the same time and then our husbands will be going over to that A place around the same time.


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