Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Made a decision... Finally!!!!

I am so blessed and excited to have such a talented mom! She so graciously volunteered to make all of Chloees room decor!  I never realized picking out patterns would prove to be soooo difficult!  I have changed my mind half a dozen (or more) times! Changed colors, changed patters... I would find one thing I adored and then nothing I like to go with it!  Today my mom and I went to make our final choices, I was nervous and unsure and even uneasy.. I thought I had my mind close to made up I was pretty sure I had decided on Pink, Brown & Turquoise! Then I saw it! The Pink and Black Floral patter I saw in the very beginning!  We decided to do this as the main pattern with green accents and also are adding Zebra Print!  Sooo excited! Cant wait to decorate Chloees Room, I have so many ideas and have found sooo much cute cute cute decor to go with at Hobby Lobby!! It is going to be awesome and she is going to be here in like 12 weeks! OMG!  Will keep updating the process! It's going to be fun!!! 

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