Thursday, December 30, 2010

Epic Failure

Oh I did it! What I swore I would never do...  I used the dreaded word... 'Epic'! Haha! For months I have been totally annoyed by and hard core making fun of the over use of the word Epic... Everyone thinks everything is epic and it drives me up the wall! Oh well I conformed and I now feel like a part of the 'in crowd'!   Dork for sure!  anyways on to the point...

So we had plans to start the 'Makers Diet' and in the busyness of trying to learn the balance of raising a 13 month old a 5 week old and Christmas on top of that it was...well.... an EPIC FAILURE!!! It is so much more convenient to make something quick and easy instead of healthy! We actually have been eating pretty healthy, lots of chicken and veggies but there also has been lots of ice cream, desserts, and CHIPS! Ugh my dad works for a chip company and a big thanks to him for the dozens of bags of chips he unloaded on us a few weeks ago! Sheesh! Chips are my down fall! Along with the at least 2 eves a week when my husband says I want ice cream and proceeds to drive to Braums and come home with an ungodly portion of ice cream.  Forget the normal size shake he wants to order the LARGE! And of course you cant let it go to waste!  Somehow (only by the grace of God) I haven’t gained any weight over the holidays! 

On one hand I want health and order and to stinking lose weight on the other I am undisciplined and lost in the busyness of trying to figure out the balance of having 2 kids (one who is VERY jealous of the new one and testing out HUGE fit throwing parties that are wearing me out).  Well we are attempting something new starting January 3rd! We’re going to be doing the 21 day Daniel Fast!  (along with our church!!!!)  This is a great way to establish discipline and put down the flesh!  Right now I am in the middle of preparing meal plans, grocery lists and praying for specific focus of this fast!  During this 21 day fast we can only have fruits, veggies, whole wheat’s, beans and nuts and only water to drink! This is pretty much the way I ate when I was diagnosed with Cronhs in '08 and started eating strictly healthy and loosing so much weight with the exception of then I ate tons of meat! I wont be able to eat any for the 21 days!   

During this 21 days I am hoping to firstly grow closer to God through prayer, Bible study and specific focus on Him during this time, to grow closer to my husband while going through this together, to establish a routine of putting down my flesh for what is healthy and not always have to give it what it wants when it wants it, and to lose some weight in the process. Those are just a few things I am hoping to gain during this process. I also have specific spiritual goals to go along! 
I am looking forward to growing and changing in 2011! Look for updates to come!  Believing this time we wont have an epic failure but and epic triumph and the beginning of an Epic year!

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